Keep The Mind Healthy To Keep The Body Healthy

Keep The Mind Healthy To Keep The Body Healthy

In my line of work, I focus so much on maintaining our bodies with diet and exercise, but do you know what else is important? Keeping our minds healthy is also important. A healthy mind will keep you energized and positive, so you can focus on achieving all of your goals.

Keep The Mind Healthy To Keep The Body Healthy

Our minds and bodies are connected in ways that are closer than you might realize. So in order to keep our whole selves happy, we need to find ways to relax, decompress, and clean up what’s going on in our heads. If our thoughts are distracted, then we can’t focus on the task at hand–be it office work, cooking dinner, or doing our favorite exercise routine. So what can you do to make sure that you’re keeping your mind clear and healthy?

Here are the ways I do it:

Clear Your Mind With Meditation

A great way to clear our mind is to meditate, but don’t worry, it doesn’t take an hour of listening to a gong in a yoga studio to meditate. Just take a few moments here and there to take a deep breath and focus on your thoughts. As every thought pops into your head, dismiss it, throw it out of your mind in that moment, and try to clear your mind to stillness. It only takes a few moments to help ease the nerves.

Release Your Thoughts By Writing Them Down

Journaling can be another great way to organize your thoughts and clear your mind. Writing things down on paper can make them more manageable, less frightening and therefore, less stressful. Plus, it’s like someone is listening to you and your concerns!

Take A Break With A Good Book

You can also read a book. Reading is a wonderful way to cast off your own life for a little while and immerse yourself in a story, so that you can come back to your daily routine feeling refreshed and inspired!

I hope these tips help you as much as they have helped me because my goal as a Lifestyle Coach and Fitness Expert is to keep you informed so you can make choices that will improve your life.  

That said…

Are you ready for the next level? 

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Then take just a few more baby steps!

Let’s discuss how we can get you where you want to be. 

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How do you answer the question – “How are you today?” I want to know. Share with me below.

Body Image Is Overrated – Your Health Is The Foundation To Focus On

Body Image Is Overrated – Your Health Is The Foundation To Focus On

There’s no question that we live in a very image-oriented society. Sad as it is, there’s just no getting away from that. But the reality is that while your appearance may have an impact on some things, for most people, body image is somewhat overrated. 

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look better, but it shouldn’t be your primary motivation or the main thing you use to judge how effective lifestyle changes have been at improving your life. 

The bottom line? Focus on your health first, and then let your body and appearance follow behind. 

The reason this matters is simple – if you aren’t healthy, you’ll simply have a harder time being able to feel your best and look your best. Focusing on your health lets you lay down the foundation that will allow you to then move onto your body image. 

What does this mean for you? For starters, focus more on a good, healthy overall lifestyle change. A nutrition plan combined with regular exercise might not always help you lose weight as fast as those fad diets, but it will lead you to more stable weight loss over time. 

Simply put, it’s important for you to build long-term plans for your health instead of minor changes that seem like they’ll work. 

Keeping all of this in mind until next time, remember this and start building your blueprint for a healthier life. It’s the first step towards not only a healthier you but eventually a healthier looking you as well. 

To Transform Your Life…It May Be Time To Change The Way You Think

To Transform Your Life…It May Be Time To Change The Way You Think

Another day has gone by…WOW!  Or should I say another week. OMG time seems to speed up with each passing year which means there is no time to waste. 

And as if we didn’t need a reminder of how precious our time is…my heart goes out to the victims and families of the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

I personally understand the despair of a life gone too soon and too quickly.

One of the most overlooked aspects of life on this planet is that we take things for granted.  We are not meant to be here forever nor is our purpose here meant only to entertain ourselves.  There’s a bigger picture and we have to find the lesson.  For me it’s to be in service to others.  To teach, preach, guide, support and live out life’s true essence with quality, purpose and as an obedient soldier of God.  

The underlying aspect of feeling good and having good physical health as well as taking advantage of every freakin moment on earth is first….changing your MINDSET!  Although it is so often ignored, it can have a major impact on your life.

It’s true – the way that you think can have a huge impact on your health. 

Think about your overall attitude during the day. Do you wake up grumpy or down in the dumps? How did you feel physically during that time period? Headaches, body aches, nausea, and more could all be issues that arise from something as simple as a bad attitude or outlook on the day.

How is your attitude?  Do you need help changing your mindset? I did once and it resulted in a life of transformation physically and mentally.  So many of my clients have benefited as a result. If you too are looking for positive change and transformation I’d be happy to serve you and share my vision with you as well. Feel free to contact me.

That poor attitude can make it harder to stay motivated, to eat properly, exercise regularly, and keep with a fitness regimen. Or, for example, a person may feel that they’re too old to get the figure they’re dreaming of. As a result, they fail to take the steps needed to actually achieve it. 

Combine this with research that suggests that your thoughts and attitude can impact physical healing, and it becomes clear that for anyone who wants to live the longest, happiest, healthiest life possible, it’s important to take a closer look at how you think and behave. It could do more for your health than you realize. 

Keep this in your thoughts as you go through the day, and be sure to mind your mindset. If you do, you’ll be one step closer to the healthy life you want and deserve. 

Until next time, stay healthy!

I challenge you to make one change by making a shift in your thinking and share it with me. That Simple! So what’s the Plan Stan? Your comments are welcome below…

Fall Is Coming – Are You Meeting Your Goals?

Fall Is Coming – Are You Meeting Your Goals?

Let me start by saying that I hope you’re living and feeling great! Fall is steadily approaching, and as the weather cools and the leaves change, it’s easy to lose sight of the goals that you’ve set for yourself over the summer OR since the beginning of the year. Remember those resolutions?  🙂  Are you on track?  Still not too late!

Everything from the weather to the types of food that many people eat will change during Autumn months, and it’s important that we don’t just forget about those beach bodies as we enter cooler weather. Doing so can cause you to lose the gains you’ve worked so hard on. So, while you may not have totally met all of your goals so far, it’s well worth taking a look at where you are currently and where you’re going. Making sure that you’re on track for meeting your goals is important – now more than ever

I can say with confidence I AM on track and meeting my goals as of this moment.  First I’m making sure you get the message on what’s hot and what’s not so you can keep up instead of always playing catch up.  And you should know by now that even though I preach and teach I also believe in walking my talk. 

So one of my goals has been to stay in association with like-minded people.  As a result I met Chike Okonkwo and a friend from the show ‘Being Mary Jane’ recently.  Part of my energy comes from the excitement of meeting my goals!

There are a few things to review as fall approaches, including:

  • How’s your diet?

Not just whether or not you’re losing weight, but how easy is it for you to stick to your nutrition plan, and what steps can you make to make it easier? 

  • What fall-centric options can you add to your nutrition plan?

Traditional stews, chilis, and soups may not be a perfect fit, but it’s likely that you can find numerous vegan replacements that will fill you up without adding calories. 

  • Can you adjust your exercise plans?

With cooler weather, some options may be easier to stick with than before – a longer run without worrying about overheating, for instance. 

With a few simple adjustments, you can make the autumn months work for you and your fitness goals. Think about your options and start planning for the upcoming autumn season. You’ll be glad you did. 

How about you?  Are you meeting your goals?  If not, I’ve got solutions to help get you there.  You know my number.  Call it!  🙂   In the meantime…

Until next time, stay healthy!

Rethink How You Are Living Life: Is Age Holding You Back?

Rethink How You Are Living Life: Is Age Holding You Back?

I know that life can throw a lot of challenges at us, but one thing I think is important to remember is what kind of obstacles we’re creating for ourselves. One perfect example of this? The way you’re approaching your life and the attitude you carry with that approach. 

Rethink How You Are Living Life: Is Age Holding You Back?

Living a healthier, happier, and altogether better life means taking steps to do so, and that often begins by rethinking the way that you’re living life. One thing in particular to pay attention to is this – is age really holding you back? 

Think about that question for a minute – don’t just snap to an answer.

Specifically, what is age stopping you from doing? For many people, the answer might be surprising. Often, age is an excuse, not an actual preventative factor. It’s the mindset that ‘I’m too old’ that is stopping you, not your body or mind. 

Who determines when we are too old for things anyways? We do. We know our capabilities and what we can accomplish. We don’t have to sell ourselves short simply because of our age. If we take care of ourselves, we can be as vital as we were in our 20s. With a great attitude, a healthy diet, and an active lifestyle, age will never be a barrier to living to the fullest.

Having a positive attitude about aging is the key to staying young. If you decide that age is a barrier to your happiness, it will be. Instead, I know from my own experience, that if you choose to live your life the way you want no matter what age you are, you will always look and feel young. Your attitude defines your youth, not your age.

Stop letting the idea of age hold you back from living the kind of life you want. You’re never too old to seize the day and start working towards your ultimate life goals! If you aren’t sure where to start or even if you can start, let me help you!

Rethink How You Are Living Life: Is Age Holding You Back?


Why The Core Is Important

Why The Core Is Important

When I ask my clients about their goals, a slimmer waist is almost always on the top of the list. Whether you want a smaller waist or six pack abs, that means working your core. The core itself however, is much more in depth than one may think. In fact it should be your primary focus.

Why The Core Is Important

Working your abs and strengthening your core muscles is more beneficial than just looking good in a dress! The core is the center of your body and it controls everything! If it’s not strong and healthy it’s difficult to do anyting at all without pain or discomfort. 

If you’ve ever had a back injury (I surely have) you know what I mean. Whether you are trying to sit, walk, stand, or lay down – NOTHING is comfortable. 

Do you work at a desk, sitting down all day or are you in a car all day driving?

Well think about this…

After hunching over a keyboard, answering phones, or driving Uber cars or buses all day, statistics show that you may likely have backaches after you get home and overtime will develop back problems as a result.

Everything you can do to strengthen and tone radiates throughout your body in so many wonderful ways.

Strengthening your core straightens your spine and fights that end-of-day fatigue. A healthy back reinforces good posture, which is just as important as a smaller waist when you want to exude confidence and look good!

Core strength also helps to ensure that your whole body is prepared to take on more strenuous exercises and having a strong center protects you from injury while preserving your health!

Of course, the first step to better abs is always “pushing away”, meaning saying no to sugars, bad carbs, and seconds, but your daily workout is key as well. Once you begin to move and work out your core, you’ll find that you have an abundance of new and revitalized energy!

Everyday tasks, housework, and fun activities won’t be as draining or exhausting as they may seem without a tight core on your side. Use that new found energy to grow your business, improve your relationships, or create new possibilities for yourself.

Then every chance you get hang with me! Let’s run it out (or walk it out) and do some seated leg raises to keep those muscles toned! And remember, do what you can, ease into it, and make sure that you practice everyday!

That being said…check out my latest video. 

Why The Core Is Important


Easter Eating Tips You Can Use

Easter Eating Tips You Can Use

Spring is finally in full swing, and as the weather warms and the flowers bloom, Easter is fast approaching. While the day is filled with family togetherness, thankfulness, and egg hunts, those of us who are working to improve our health and wellness often have to deal with something else – figuring out how to eat healthy for the holiday.

Easter Eating Tips You Can Use

The obvious step here is to avoid all those chocolates and sugary candies, but I’ve noticed that there are plenty of other meals on the menu for Easter feasts that may not be as healthy as your body deserves. Because of this, I think it’s time to take a quick look at some of the best tips to help you get through this holiday. Here are some key points to remember.

Find alternatives wherever you can. Instead of traditional waffles and syrup for lunch, why not use a vegan friendly recipe like carrot cake waffles instead? Opt out of those sodium filled meats and focus on nuts or tofu as lean proteins, too. Swapping out some things can help dramatically.

Use shakes or smoothies to avoid the urge to munch on all the sweet treats that are so readily available.

Shop smart and avoid stocking your home with anything that you shouldn’t be indulging in. There are plenty of great Easter basket options for kids that don’t involve chocolate, and thus won’t bring chocolate into your home where it can tempt you.

The bottom line is simple – just keep focused on your goals and maintain a healthy nutrition plan. Eat smart and follow your plan and you’ll get through Easter feasts without any trouble and keep working towards your ultimate fitness goals.

Until next time, stay fit!

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Eat This. Not That. Simple Swaps For Spring

Eat This. Not That. Simple Swaps For Spring

Today, we’re going to take it to the kitchen. While working out is one part of the equation, what you eat is important too. No, no. I’m not going to lecture you, I promise. I just want to help you make the right decisions to help you thrive.


What do you say? You with me?


Springtime brings plenty of natural beauty and even helps improve mood thanks to the return of warmer weather and longer days. And for those of us who are focused on eating healthy and feeling better, it’s also the time that makes it easier to keep up our nutrition plan since so many fresh fruits and veggies are coming into season.

Food swaps are perfect for improving the way you eat, and all it takes is just a bit of effort. The key to great swaps is to focus on fresh. Here are some ideas:

Matcha tea instead of latte – Coffee is a pick me up for millions, but many try to add sugar and other sweets to it. Instead, try out matcha. This type of green tea comes with plenty of caffeine to pick you up, but also brings lots of antioxidants to improve your health.

Fruit instead of sweets – Whether it’s cake or candy, sweets can sabotage a good nutrition plan. Spring brings lower prices and easier access to fruits, and using them instead of those sugary sweets is a better option.

Fresh greens instead of frozen – Frozen greens are often more convenient for us busy people. But during the spring, fresh greens are plentiful and affordable. Use them wherever you can to improve your nutritional intake and enjoy a better taste.

Scallions for onions – There’s nothing wrong with onions at all, but trying to replace them with scallions in a few recipes can help give you a lighter, more interesting flavor while providing allicin – an infection-fighting compound.

When you head to the grocery store or farmer’s market, just remember that there are plenty of great swaps out there worth considering.

For an even quicker meal on those busy days I use Isagenix which is especially great when traveling too. I never worry about getting the proper nutrients anymore with these scientifically backed products.

So on your busy days when cooking is not an option, don’t hang out at fast food joints – instead pack a punch (or a lunch) with Isagenix for a nutritious delicious meal. This does the trick for me!

I’ll be back in touch soon with more healthy ideas for a better you!

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4 Ways To Empower Yourself

4 Ways To Empower Yourself

Remember I teased about something coming up?

Well now I’ve got more to tell you!

This is an exciting email for me and YOU because I have something that will literally get you up and moving.

It’s exciting! It’s mind-blowing. It’s totally me! 

Are you ready to find out? I know you are!

Well wait no longer…


It’s high time you join me on this journey…

So… Let’s Meet “LIVE” up Close & Personal

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It’s Time You Take Charge – Empower Yourself


For years, I’ve held firm to the belief that improving your life begins with making personal changes and finding your own inner strengths. Empowered people are stronger, more confident, and able to follow their path to reach their goals effectively.

But for some, finding the way to empower themselves isn’t always easy. That’s my message to you today. Here are 4 ways that you can empower yourself and find that inner strength that will help you reach your goals more effectively.

  • Eat Better – This one surprises people, but the fact is that when you modify your nutrition plan to be healthier, it can help you gain energy and even fight depression.
  • Remember Victories – Too many times, we dwell on defeats, setbacks, and the negative in our life. Instead, focus on the times when you succeeded. This helps you see your positives and find inner strength.
  • Live For You – This is a must. Instead of focusing on what others may think, learn to live for yourself. It’s your life, and you only have one. Follow your dreams and do what makes you happy, not what you think others want you to do.
  • Pamper Yourself – Meditation. Massage. A trip to the beach. Whatever it takes, give yourself the treatment that royalty would get. This helps recharge your mind and remind you of the good things in life.

These are private, internal steps you can take. Use them as a foundation for empowerment and then start moving towards creating a stronger, better life plan. You have the strength to do anything – you just have to find it.

Need help finding that empowerment?

Let me help you…IN PERSON!    Yes, I said in person.

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What Are You Afraid Of?

What Are You Afraid Of?

It’s Wendy, your Fitness Mentor and Lifestyle Coach!

The last time I emailed you, I spoke to you about how I worked at becoming who I am today. Believe it or not, I too had a lot of doubt and self-judgement.  But I worked through it with the support and guidance of a mentor.  Now I’m paying it forward!

Your first step to getting STRONGER. is to…send FEAR to hell!  Yup!  FEAR is WHACK like CRACK and it will hold you BACK!

Don’t buy into it!  Just push thru it!

To help you push thru it… please accept the following gifts:

  • My video to help you:  Cast Away Fear & Judgement 
  • My message below on: Letting Go Of Fear 
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Letting Go Of Fear & Judgement

Let’s talk about improving your life in a way that is often overlooked. While many of us work towards reaching physical and mental fitness goals, the motivation is often driven not by something positive, but by something negative.

I’m talking about fear, and while it can be a key force in driving one towards making positive changes, at some point you need to let go of that fear and start to focus on the positives in your life. That’s what I did. And look at where I am today.

Doing so is important because it allows you to find inner peace and your inner strength, two things that will be vital in improving your success at reaching whatever goals you’ve set for yourself.

Often, when looking to make positive changes we do so because of things like fear of what others will think of them or fear of how we’ll be perceived. The big issue here is that when fear and dread of judgment from your peers occurs, it is often easy to lose motivation – one little setback can turn into a downward spiral of self-doubt and apathy. Believe me, I’ve been there!

But when you let go of that fear, you start to do things for yourself, not for someone else. You work to improve your life to better your physical and mental health, not to change the way someone might think of you. When we have this shift in thinking, it makes it easier to stay focused and that can give you the strength you need to achieve even greater things.

It’s not always easy to do, but taking the time to identify your fearsand then moving past them is something everyone should do. Find your inner strength and cast out those fears. It’s worth it.

Lotta Love,


My Sexy Valentine- a gift 4 You!

My Sexy Valentine- a gift 4 You!


It’s Wendy, your Fitness Mentor and Lifestyle Coach.

Can I share a secret with you? I wasn’t always this bold, audacious woman you experience today.

I know you’re thinking, “BUT WENDY — you’ve been on Dr. Oz and Dr. Oz hangs with Oprah and people who hang with Oprah are epic so, that makes YOU epic.”

Okay!! Okay!! You’re right. I’m pretty freakin’ epic but I didn’t always know it.

How about you? Do you know what you’re gifts are? The world is waiting for you to show up, show out and share them!

And if you aren’t feeling epic this February, let me help.

Just because you are my Valentine, my gift to you is this…

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Love & Honor Yourself

Yes, February is here, and that means that Valentine’s Day is almost here. It’s a day that many people out there struggle with – the idea of having a special someone in your life means that for many, it becomes a primary focus. But over the years, I’ve found that one thing is much more important when it comes to this holiday – honoring yourself.

Sure, if you have a significant other out there, getting flowers or a romantic dinner is wonderful. But you’re more than just an object of affection, and this Valentine’s Day you should focus on honoring yourself whether you have a sweetheart or not.

Some ways to go about doing that include things like:

  • Treating yourself to a meal at a restaurant you’ve always wanted to try out. 
  • Experiencing something new – from slackline walking to a new biking trail and beyond
  • A relaxing day spent at the spa, getting a massage, or just relaxing at home with a book

The point here is obvious – give yourself some attention and do something special for yourself. And while you’re doing it, be sure that you continue to focus on reaching your health and fitness goals so you don’t end up stepping backwards on your journey.

Valentine’s Day is a day for love, but in the hustle and bustle over trying to find someone else to LOVE, never forget to begin by LOVING yourself.

I’ll be back in touch soon, but until then be sure to give yourself the attention and personal honor that you deserve.

Lotta Love,


Fun Workouts

Fun Workouts




It’s no secret that being physically active is incredibly important for your health and wellness. But for many, working out is hard to do just because it’s a chore. When something feels like a hassle, it’s hard to make time for it every day. That’s why finding fun workouts is very important.

Fun Workouts To Get You Up And Moving

This is why I’ve put together a quick list of some of my favorite workouts to help you get motivated to get up and moving every day.

•    Walking Tours – No matter where you live, there’s a good chance that you have plenty of local sights to check out. Set up walking tours to help you see your area in a new way. Whether it’s a hiking trail or a loop around part of the city, you’ll see some new spots while getting exercise in at the same time. 

•    Obstacle Races – If you’re really looking to challenge yourself, what about the obstacle races that are becoming popular around the world? Mud Runs and Warrior Dashes are two examples that let you climb walls, crawl through mud pits, and more. It’s a way to get more excitement in your workout. 

•    Play! – If you have kids, why not challenge them to a game of tag on the lawn? If you don’t have kids, why not play with your friends? It’s easier than you think and will help you get more exercise while having fun. 

Another thing to consider? Put a TV in front of your treadmill or stationary bike. You can watch a full TV show while working out, adding a layer of enjoyment to it that wasn’t there before. The bottom line is that it’s possible to have fun while staying active – you just have to take the right steps to do so.

Lotta Love,


What are your favorite activites to get up and get moving? Let me know by leaving a comment on my blog!