Wendy Ida delivers every time … when it comes to Empowerment, Motivation, Education and Inspiration!


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“Your needs matter most to Wendy!”

How is Wendy different from other speakers with her expertise?

Wendy specializes in health and wellness for people over 40. Her accomplishments at her age make her a perfect role model full of “You can do it, too!” spirit. She has developed an autodidactic approach (along with her formal education), that gives audiences the step-by-step tools to conquer life’s challenges while staying fit. She also provides a unique mind map that eliminates excuses, builds a healthy body and empowers audiences to achieve and surpass their goals and dreams.

Her philosophy is based on overcoming her own personal experiences of growing up as a welfare child witnessing domestic violence, to also becoming a victim of domestic violence in a 13 year long marriage. With all odds against her (and believing that she wouldn’t even live past her 43rd birthday), she became a major achiever in life holding 2 Guinness World Records! She’s a firecracker of motivation, happiness, and sexy spirit — all while achieving levels of fitness most people her age never accomplish.

What are the added bonuses provided by Wendy Ida when I book her?

Wendy Ida does something very few speakers do. She tailors her presentation just for your needs!

She provides practical & proven solutions to give audiences the tools to reinvent their lives so they are not only engaged, but also completely transformed.

Wendy also improves everybody’s bottom line. Your audience receives real time tips, strategies and skills to help them get well and stay healthy and well – Mind, Body and Soul regardless of age. So you and your business benefit too!

Your needs matter most to Wendy so you can expect follow up so she knows how to serve you even BETTER next time.

As a Best-Selling Author Wendy Ida takes great care to develop books and other materials that provide continuing educational opportunities for her audiences.

In addition Wendy will interact with participants after the event to give additional information and will personally autograph copies of her books.

Wendy shows them that their biggest dreams are within reach, and inspires them to try again, even after repeated failures.

When it comes to empowerment, motivation, education and inspiration, Wendy’s mission is to deliver every time!

What kind of results can I expect?

Wendy’s mission is for audiences to walk away inspired to make healthy choices and positive changes.  Her intent is to motivate them to immediately implement the tools they have learned. In addition, they will be empowered to realize their worth, strength and potential. Wendy’s philosophy is: Your past does not define you nor should age be a factor or an excuse to give up!

Is there a sneak peek video of Wendy speaking or an event where I can see her speak live?

Yes! Click here to see Wendy’s reel. (If you would like a longer version it can be forwarded to you upon request.) In the meantime, please contact Wendy’s office to see if there is a future event where she is speaking that is open to the public. Also download her media kit and speaker one sheet.


I know that I want Wendy to speak at our event. How do I reserve the date and time?

The fastest way to confirm a booking is to call the office at 323-522-4432.


I have a couple of additional questions. May I call Wendy?

Yes. She usually returns phone calls within 24 hours. Please call the office at 323-522-4432.

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