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Life-Changing Methods for Building Resilience, Overcoming Depression and Anxiety, and Finding Happiness

Growth can only happen outside of your comfort zone! Confronting the traumas in your life can be daunting, especially if it’s accompanied by feelings of fear or pain. But the strength you need to overcome those deep wounds is already within you, and it comes from one unshakeable truth: You Deserve Peace.

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“Don’t try to put out the fires – learn to dance in the flames.”  - Wendy Ida

In Unbreak Me, award-winning author, world record holder, and fitness expert Wendy Ida draws on her incredible and empowering personal story of making transformational life changes after surviving an abusive relationship and overcoming depression, self-doubt, and anxiety to offer a life-changing, real-world gameplan that anybody can use to overcome adversity, low self-esteem, and past trauma to find happiness, contentment, and a new passion for life.

Now a USA Today best-seller, Unbreak Me invites readers to accompany Wendy as a friend and confidante, as she shares her truly inspirational story of fighting through heartbreak and emotional pain to develop a powerful resilience and start living a new deeply rewarding lifestyle after age 40, using only her own determination and perseverance

As you will learn after applying Wendy’s proven guidance to your own life – “It’s often the deepest pain that empowers you to grow into your highest self.

In this revolutionary personal growth book, you will learn:

No matter how much you prepare for it, life is going to hurt you. You are going to collect scars, bumps, and bruises – and that’s alright! The goal is not to get to the finish line unscathed; the goal is to get there smiling, in one piece and growing beyond, and Unbreak Me will provide you with both the positive encouragement to start really living life and the exact playbook for how to accelerate personal growth, heal your soul, and find your true self!

“If you’re at the place in your life where you feel stuck – stuck health wise, stuck weight wise, and therefore, stuck in your life – Wendy’s journey is one you need to hear! No matter your age, and especially if you’re not 25, or even 35, Wendy has the secret that will get you out of your rut, and into a new life and a new you!” – Felischa Marye, TV and Movie Producer, Director

Nothing in life is more painful than taking yourself
out of the game because of fear!
You deserve a chance to win, don’t bet against yourself!

Read Unbreak Me so you can change your life today and begin your journey towards a more resilient tomorrow!

Available in: Print, E-book & Audibles

The Praise for the book

Dr. George C. Fraser

Chairman and CEO of FraserNet, Inc., Author: Success Runs In Our Race and Click

“Wendy Ida’s “UNBREAK ME: Push Beyond Fear, Gain Resilience & Reclaim Your Strength” is one of the best written and most prescriptive books I’ve read on the prickly subjects of lost love, aging, and emotional and physical wellbeing. Using powerful stats, stories, and insightful wisdom, Wendy wrote this from her heart, mind, body, and spirit…plus years of research and thought as a long time physical and mental activist.  UNBREAK ME is revealing, warm-hearted, instructive, and sobering. If you are at all curious about jump-starting your life again this is a rich source of insights and solutions. And yes, it’s a great year-round read, but start now, there is no time to waste, we have a lot of catching up to do. Thank you, Wendy, for this masterwork.”

Cindy Popp

The Bold and The Beautiful

“They say you hear the right words at the right time. Unbreak Me has arrived! Wendy Ida delivers the words that build confidence, give hope and truly inspire! Prepare to transform your life!”

Rickey Ivie, Esq. | Director


“If you are feeling lost in life, you’ve got to read this book! With Wendy Ida as your guide, you will gain the confidence, the hope, and the mindset you need to go from broken to unbreakable!”

Dr. David Gruder, PhD, DCEP

The 12-award-winning bestselling Human Potential Strategist, Business Lifecycle Psychologist, and Societal Wellbeing Catalyst, who was named America’s Integrity Expert

“We all have undesired life experiences that erode our thrill of living or bless us with deep healing and transformation. We all are barraged by life-defeating messages about aging that we allow to diminish our resilience, vitality, and passion, or that we defy to become wiser and more energized. I personally experience Wendy Ida as a living example of the vast amount of resilience, vitality and passion that we can retain as we age. Her book, Unbreak Me, doesn’t waste your time with useless platitudes about what to do — it combines “love talks” and micro moves” into powerful prescriptions for how to do it. If you value building your thrill of living as you age, infuse yourself with Wendy’s magic starting today.”

Constance L. Arnold, Host

Think, Believe & Manifest Talk Show
​​​Law of Attraction Radio Network

“If you are going through a challenging time in your life, Wendy’s own triumphant story combined with her specific tools, processes and strategies will equip, strengthen and give you the resilience to begin your own journey of authenticity and change.  You will be empowered to develop a winning mindset, achieve your goals and manifest your wildest dreams.”    

Felischa Marye

Producer/Showrunner/Director HI FELISCHA! PRODUCTION

“If you’re at the place in your life where you feel stuck – stuck health wise, stuck weight wise, and therefore, stuck in your life – Wendy’s journey is one you need to hear! No matter your age, and especially if you’re not 25, or even 35, Wendy has the secret that will get you out of your rut, and into a new life and a new you!”

Susan Haber

President Haber Entertainment

This is a wonderful book to read over and over again. Wendy is an inspiration to us all. Her drive, determination and positive attitude is contagious. 

Bill Duke

Think, Believe & Manifest Talk Show

“When you think you’ve been broken beyond repair; that all that’s left is to throw in the towel; that there’s no way back—you’re wrong.  Wendy was there and made it out, as many others have.  In this book and her other media, Wendy now helps others fight to win against whatever life throws at them.”

Wendy J. Hall

Copyeditor, GrayHorse Expressions

“Hi Wendy! I’m editing your book right now, and you have NO idea how much you helped me through something horrible that happened this week!

It was like part of your book was written for me. Honored to be the editor.”

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Available in: Print, E-book & Audibles

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