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Press Releases


Action Packed & Ready for ya!!!


UnReal on Reel tips


Wendy Ida Media Reel


Wendy on HLN’s Robin Meade show


Backstage Bonus (Jeff Probst) Get Off the Couch with Wendy Ida


AOL Home Page (Teaser) “The Jeff Probst Show”


NBC “The Jeff Probst Show”



Segment #1


Segment #2


Segment #3


Segment #4


Segment #5


KCAL (CBS) Los Angeles


ABC “NOW”– (Healthy Living) New York

Wendy talks on Girl Talk


Wendy Ida on Girl Talk With SERITA JAKES & Other CELEBS


Wendy’s dance at SLS Hotel


Wendy & Friends Speak on Domestic Violence


Celebrities Support Wendy Ida at Gala 2012


Fountain of You Workout DVD


Wendy Ida’s First NPC Competition in San Diego


Wendy Ida Wins 1st Place Trophy


Wendy Ida: Behind the Scenes at NPC Pittsburg


Wendy set a Guinness World Record doing Burpees at age 60


BBC Worldwide Productions (Canada)


VegasNET.TV (Success Showcase) CEOSpace

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