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Sophie Ingrid MattscheckYour fans are all over the world! 👍

THANK YOU for being my role model! I feel blessed to have found you. Kisses from Germany, Europe 😘

Thank you for accepting me as your friend on Facebook, it’s an honor!!!!

I am 42, about 80 pounds overweight and just started two months ago to change my life. And I discovered that I just LOVE strength training! But I thought it might be to late for me to really get into fitness at my age. But I found you, just by coincidence! This is amazing, because I live in Germany. So your fans are all over the world! 👍

I have purchased your book and I love all the motivation and tips you are giving.
THANK YOU for being my role model! I feel blessed to have found you.
Kisses from Germany, Europe 😘

~ Sophie Ingrid Mattscheck
Germany, Europe

sylvia-ray-ardenDear Wendy,
I am so impressed by YOU! You are huge and such an inspiration I wish my Mom was working with you, she would so need a Coach and a Role Model like you! We all need you I started to share your Video on my pages…

Blessings, Love and all the best to you!
Your Fan,
– Sylvia Ray Arden

Dustina-AlleyI had the pleasure of seeing Wendy Ida speak in person. SHE is a WOMAN on FIRE! I had my photo taken with her and talked to her briefly, all the while I was blown away by her radiant youthful beauty. I stumbled on my sentences because I was so mesmerized by her energy, her story and her ageless appearance. If you ever have the opportunity to hear her speak, GO! She will rock your world!

– Dustina Alley, Tigard, Oregon

cindy-poppFor those of us “over 40” Wendy tackles the real changes that are happening to our bodies and explains how to hit back! I found myself having “ah-ha” moments while reading her book. I loved it! She understood what I was going through and was able to give me the necessary tools to make positive changes and OWN my life again. Wendy is motivating and gets straight to the point! Every woman over 40 should read this book. Now that I have more of an understanding about myself and my body, the best is yet to come! Bring it! Thank you Wendy!

– Cindy Popp, Producer/Director,
CBS’s The Bold and The Beautiful

jeanneandallenpetersWendy understands the issues facing people at midlife and we highly recommend her common sense approach to bolster a person’s self worth through nurturing healthier habits. On every page, you can “feel” her passion and belief that you can transform your health and your life … no matter what. Read her book, follow her advice and get ready to take back your life!”

– Jeanne Peters RD & Allen Peters MD
Co-founders of the Nourishing Wellness Medical Center

PeterMcCarthyIn Take Back Your Life, Wendy Ida has cracked the code about what it takes to regain and maintain a great state of health. Her comprehensive yet easy-to-understand explanations are empowering and results oriented. “Take Back Your Life” is a must read for anyone who wants to gain control of their most precious asset, their health!”

– Peter McCarthy, CEO AHI Productions, Inc.
Certified Traditional Naturopath

TiechaKeifferI am reminded of this scripture as it relates to you: Matthew 9:37-38 Then He said to His disciples,”The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.
“Therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest.” In my heart I know that He chose you for this specific assignment. I am thankful that He connected Boomers Lifestyle Magazine to you. Our community needs to hear your story if they haven’t already.

– Tiecha Keiffer
Creative Director, Boomers Lifestyle Magazine, New Orleans, LA

gloria-gandia-sempere“Hello Wendy! Thank you so much for accepting me! You are the most beautiful inspiration i’ve ever seen. Kisses from a young spanish fan! Keep it up baby!!!!

– Gloria Gandia Sempere,
Valencia, Spain

“My physician is so proud of my progress. I salute Wendy Ida as the world’s greatest trainer and teacher!!!”   

Ann Mosley, Client


“Thank you for your upbeat-ness and patience! It’s no exaggeration to say that you help to improve my quality of life.” 

Mayumi Kodani, Client


“Wendy Ida is the ultimate professional…and is extremely knowledgeable. She’s a great role model for both men and women. When she is training, it’s about the workout and the results.”

Cindy Popp, Client

Producer/Director, NBC’s “The Bold and The Beautiful”

“I enjoy the hell out of Wendy! And I appreciate you working with my limitations.”

Dan Narikawa, Client


“I love and appreciate the difference you make Wendy! Joining your coaching program is one of the best decisions I eveIr made. My life is so much better now. I have literally come alive again!  With your wonderful spirit and guidance my body is making changes I haven’t seen in a long time. Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!”

Tanisha ~ Client & Fan

“Worked Out By An Angel.” 

 That’s how I describe Wendy Ida to my friends.  

For the last twenty years I have fought a battle with arthritis, lower back pain, bad knees and, most recently, I was in a car accident.  After the accident I believed all I could do was manage the pain and atrophy of my muscles… and then I met my Angel.

Wendy showed me that I could, can and will get stronger.  She rekindled the desire to have fun by working out intelligently and making progress in stages. The workouts are challenging enough that I feel successful every time.  Her attitude is wonderful and she always has a smile and an encouraging word to say.  

Most importantly, she made me feel like she cared about my progress and that my goal when I met her was too low and that I could do much more – and she was right!

Thank you Wendy
Vincent D.

“You are one of my fitness inspirations! You’re making women of all ages step their game up. Congrats!”

– Kassandra

Before And After Success Stories

Thank you Wendy for the impact you’ve had on my life. 

After just two weeks of being on Wendy’s program I couldn’t believe the difference in my energy level and in my digestion.  Having more energy, better digestion, losing 40 lbs. and now having the know how to get back on the horse if I fall off is a wonderful gift to myself. Without your help, I’d still be “pleasantly plump”.

– Carol Dorey Trickett, Ontario, Canada – Financial Consultant

It’s made a world of difference for me!

Wendy is not only very knowledgeable in her craft; she’s also very motivating, and fun to work with. 

“When I found Wendy I was not only overweight, but also recovering from a broken femur.

 I’ve lost 45 lbs and my leg went from having very little muscle strength to being able to handle the rigorous sport of skiing.  My orthopedist told me it would take two full years to get all my muscle strength back. 

Working with Wendy has made a huge difference! I’m about 6 months ahead of schedule!

– Lynn Sasai, Retired, UCLA Administrator

I absolutely adore you…

“Wendy, I absolutely adore you and look forward to working with you again when the time is right. You’ve set the foundation for the rest of my life! And these other trainers can’t hold a candle to you.

 “Wendy is absolutely one of the most dynamic, insightful, and as you most likely already know, beautiful women I have ever had the privilege of meeting!

She’ll teach you to care for your body beginning with the way you think.

-JJ, Former Client

“I’ve lost 52 lbs in 6 months. Wendy’s guidance and support has been life saving!”

“As I watched my wife take back her life over the years, I decided I WANTED IN! I tried doing it my way, but it didn’t work and after the doctor gave me some bad news, I finally started listening to Wendy.

“Here’s what I learned. I stopped thinking I could just watch how Wendy lived and make progress just by being in her presence and doing things my way. Instead, Wendy set up a custom plan that worked for my lifestyle and me. Then we actually set up a time to meet like she does with any of her clients. Then the magic started happening! Wendy’s guidance and support has been life saving. I’ve lost 52 lbs in 6 months and look at me now! I’ve reached my goal weight by doing the work and the best part is, I know how to maintain it!” ☺
Thanks Honey,