People always say Wendy, you haven’t aged a bit or you’re aging backwards. What’s your secret? 

Others chime in as if to answer for me and say things like black don’t crack or she has good genes.

The truth is…Statistics show that approximately 30 percent of aging is genetic, and 70 percent is up to you – how you care for and protect your skin, your body, and the lifestyle you lead.

I’ve repeated that many times, but people don’t usually take it seriously.

Some people still believe in old, outdated, nightmarish and negative stories surrounding age which can only lead to your demise. These stories in your head, make you believe that you have no control. When, in fact, the majority of the control lies in your hands.

As we age our lives become a tapestry of memories and experiences.

Each one of these milestones add to the richness of your existence and becomes a treasure chest of wisdom. 

Find freedom and bask in the beauty of your amazing experiences. Use that wisdom to begin your journey backwards. Start by going back to your roots. 

Remember when you were a child, you laughed at the funniest, silliest things. Then, of course, you got older and went through some trials and tribulations that made you look at life more seriously. You experienced heartbreak, divorce, losing your loved ones, or even losing your sense of self. These experiences hardened your heart and filled you with worry.

All these hardships and stressors aged you, making you older than your chronological age. If you want to age backward, you just have to let go!

Let go of the stress. Let go of the fear. Let go of the seriousness! I always say, “Let Go and Let God.” Trust me, it ain’t that serious. Remind yourself of that by taking some time to laugh a little. Make it a daily habit. Laughter will change your life and age you backwards.

Instead of fighting it, embrace each stage of your life so you can make room for the beautiful transformations that come with each stage of aging. 

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Find time every day to move your body and let in a little bit of that childlike exuberance. THAT is the key to aging backwards, and something so small can absolutely change your life! 

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