Q. How long will it take for me to lose the weight once I start your program?

A. It depends on a couple of things. How closely you follow the program and whether you stick with it makes a difference in how quickly you will lose the weight. In addition, body chemistry plays a big part in how you will respond therefore each person will respond differently. Having said that, it generally takes about 4 to 6 weeks to see real changes.

Q. Why do I need strength training?

A. Strength training helps you to build muscle and it gives you those sexy curves everyone desires. Even more, it helps you to burn more body fat, keeps it off longer and it has the ability to burn body fat while you sleep. In addition, it keeps you strong and improves your quality of life.

Q. I cant seem to get the muscle tone I want. Why can’t I maintain muscle definition?

A. To build great muscle tone and definition you must have enough protein and testosterone among other things in your body. For starters, first I would check with your doctor to determine your hormone levels. Then evaluate your diet to see if you are taking in enough protein. The ideal daily protein intake for women ranges from 0.5 to 1.2 grams of protein per pound of body weight depending on your fitness level and goals.

Q. I heard you need to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. I don’t really like water. How do you manage to consume your daily intake?

A. First of all, 8 glasses of water is only the minimum. Depending on how active you are and your total body weight, water requirements can fluctuate. I generally recommend you drink at least half your body weight in ounces. i.e. if you weigh 200lbs the amount of water you should have daily is 100 ounces. To help with the taste and intake I add lemon and drink one to two glasses before each meal.

Q. How can I get your six pack abs?

A. I have a special program that I use that starts with a great cardio routine, strength training and core exercises as well as a customized nutrition regimen that supports your core and compliments the muscle building exercise strategies.

Q. Why is it so hard to lose the weight now that I’m over 40?

A. It has much to do with the aging process. Due to the gradual decrease in muscle and body fluids as well as after 40 is prime time for significant hormonal changes, weight gain creeps up and settles in more easily. Body fat also tends to re-shuffle itself and show up in strange places on your body that wasn’t there before. A great fitness program that includes resistance and flexibility training can reshape your body and your life. I have coaching programs that help women with this problem. It is available to you no matter where you live in the country.

Q. How do I get my sexy back after 40?

A. To begin the process, you must first change how you see yourself when nobody’s looking. Do you see yourself as a sexy diva or are you faking it? If you’re feeling scrubby that is what will show up. Also, engage in meditation, yoga or other relaxing techniques so stress cant kill your best sexy self and lastly, a great workout will improve circulation throughout every part of your body and kick up your endorphins. It will make your body smile!

Q. How did you begin the steps of changing your life as a domestic violence survivor?

A. First you must secure the safety of you and for some women their children too. Then you must begin the process of valuing yourself first in order to move forward. Part of valuing myself came with starting a reliable fitness program that worked its magic on not just my body, but my mind and self esteem too.

Q. I have a knee injury and my back hurts. How can I lose the weight and get in shape?

A. Always check with your doctor first before starting any fitness program or activity. Whether you were previously sedentary or are recovering from surgery or an injury and want to be active again obtaining clearance and personal instructions from your physician

first is always the best way to begin. After that you can get a great workout through swimming or pool exercises. It’s especially great if you have joint problems. I developed a program I have used on myself. It helped me get in shape and stay that way without missing a beat when I had injuries. This program is available through some of my coaching programs. Please inquire within.

Q. Will your coaching program help me to look like you?

A. My coaching program will help you be your best you. You receive life coaching advice, exercises that fit your lifestyle, nutritional guidance, goal oriented mind mapping and motivational techniques that will make you successful. With my programs I give my best to you and would not give you anything that I have not tried myself so I know it works so long as you follow it as laid out.