Did you hear the news? Just wanted to tell you that there are three great things happening in the month of May.

The first one is…it’s MY BIRTHDAY! Whoohoo! And as always I’m kickin up some fun!

Wanna celebrate with me?

Well…I’m hosting my BIRTHDAY PARTY “LIVE” on May 3rd at 12:30 pm PST on LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook (live recording will be on Instagram later on) and YOU are invited. I’ll be talking about how to support your mental health and living life like it’s golden. If there’s time I’ll also take some questions!

So as usual I am going to “party hearty” on my birthday and I’d love to see you!

The second thing is…I will also be appearing on DAILY BLAST LIVE TV on May 3rd (To see it check your local listings). They intentionally wanted to do the interview on my birthday. I thought that was so cool.

The third thing is…May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

This Broke My Heart…Have you done a SELF CHECK on your MENTAL HEALTH lately? It’s imperative that you do. Get rid of the idea that it’s shameful. It’s SMART! Taking time out for YOU isn’t a luxury – it’s a PRIORITY!

You gotta CHECK yourself before you WRECK yourself even when you think you’re okay. Be PROACTIVE & get tune-ups on your mental and emotional health just like you would on your physical health.

How to get started:

— Take a walk to rev up your circulation and clear your mind
— Talk to somebody about that devil on your shoulder that keeps nudging you the wrong way
— Reach out to me for a coaching/training session so you can elevate your physical health as well as your mental health.

Listen, I understand that it may be difficult to reach out but understand that working through things with someone can bring forth many wonderful gifts and healthy perspectives.

I’m here to remind you that you don’t have to go through life’s challenges alone trying to figure out things on your own. You can always schedule a free 30-minute discovery consultation with me to see how coaching together can make your life better. https://bit.ly/3HiS8Fn 

Also, you can learn more about protecting your mental health, and how to be resilient and find strength in my latest book UNBREAK ME. https://amzn.to/40KrCvm

Oh, I also wanted to tell you this:

Shhhh it’s a secret…

LOOK OUT FOR SOMETHING SPECIAL ON MAY 8th – there will be a 48 hour flash sale. I will gift you with $100 off and You’ll get 31 days of working out with me. That’s literally $6 per workout!


“Warriors don’t quit. They refuel, refocus & dive forward.” – Wendy Ida