Let’s Count Our Blessings

Let’s Count Our Blessings

As we close out the end of year 2021 we have to count our blessings. Yes, I know there has been so much going on in the world – good and bad. But we are still here and although we have to acknowledge some of the negative things to stay safe, I think it’s more important to focus on the positive things in life for our well-being.

For starters 2021 was definitely better than 2020. That we can’t deny! And next year will be even better. Let’s meditate on that.

Personally, I’ve had my body, mind and energy into recreating and reinventing a new flow for myself in the years ahead.  I’ll reveal more about that in the coming months. 

But here’s what I can tell you now. I’ve written two more books – One is an Anthology (done with my colleagues) called “Habits of Success” released in June 2021. It is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal-bestseller!

My fourth book will be released early next year. It’s called “UNBREAK ME” – Push beyond Fear, Gain Resilience & Reclaim Your Strength. Already I’m told there is a demand for it.  My guess is that it is going to be another bestseller and it will change a lot of lives! In fact, just writing it changed mine!

I’ve received a lot of emails from others who have made adjustments, started new careers, new businesses, hobbies and the like. That’s so refreshing! However, everyone has not quite adjusted yet.

We are all on our own timeline and that’s okay as long as you are not in a holding pattern. Take baby steps! That’s how I get it done.

To move ahead the most important thing to do is to check yourself out – be aware. Are you moving or standing still? Observe your pattern of behavior in the past five years. If you have been repeating the same pattern, you may not only be standing still but regressing. Therefore, it may be time for you to get some help in order to move forward. Time is far too short and life is too short as well to go in circles. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help.

Let me know if you have questions on how I can be of service to you or ask me what’s the best way to move forward.

Change your pattern if it is not benefiting you and bringing you joy. That’s what I’m doing! Let’s defy the odds and make the year ahead be one of our best years yet!


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My Fav Quote This Month – 

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. IT DOES.” – William James

What’s Up With Your Knees??

What’s Up With Your Knees??

Are you getting in gear?  Oh, wait! Did you think I meant getting in gear for the holidays? No. I meant are you getting in gear for your workout so you can eat guilt free for the holidays. 😊   That’s what I’m doing! 

I just wanted to drop you a note to say watch those knees while you do your thing!

Our knees are hard at work every day, whether we’re standing, walking, going up the stairs, or running. Knees absorb pressure with every step we take and they help support our weight when we’re standing. As we grow older, knees sustain damages from regular wear-and-tear. Your knees could also grow weaker or sustain injuries from improper use, especially when working out or doing other physical activities. 

So, proper care for the knees and special attention to mobility and strength is important for both older adults and younger adults to avoid creaky, painful knees.

So, how does one take care of one’s knees, then?  

You must strengthen the muscles around the knees to keep the knees strong and healthy.

Here are 4 simple exercises that are fun, easy to do and you can do them anywhere at any time.  

  1. Wall Squats – Your house’s walls are your best friends for this exercise! No need for any gym equipment or other exercising tools to help you do it.
  2. Leg Extensions – What I like about this exercise is that you can do it while just sitting down on your table or on a high chair You can do this anytime and anywhere too.
  3. Hamstring Curls – Another simple knee exercise that you can add to any of your routines with how easy it is. The standing hamstring curls can be done with ankle weights.  They are excellent for strengthening your glutes and hamstrings, which of course helps your knees stay strong as well. As a bonus, hamstring curls are also helping your core and balance.
  4. Leg Raises – I think that leg raises are especially fun to do.  You can do them while lying on your side, on your stomach, on your back or even while standing. 

Always warm up before working out and don’t skip cooling down, or stretching after your workout.  It helps to maintain circulation and flexibility after physical exertion. For the same reasons, I also suggest stretching in the morning, right after getting out of bed, and at night, just before you sleep to keep your whole body flexible.


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My Fav Quote This Month – 

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein

Move it or Lose it:  It’s Serious

Move it or Lose it: It’s Serious

Did you know that as we age, many things begin to change?  Probably more than you realize. 

I had a conversation with a client the other day about an injury she had experienced before we started working together and of course, I said to her you gotta keep moving no matter what or you’ll lose what you got. 

I know you’ve heard the expression “If you don’t use it you lose it.”  It’s true. Literally every part of you will stop working if you don’t use it. That expression Is so over used, however, that people either take it for granted or don’t really believe it. 

Let me give you three reasons why you should take it seriously.

Many people have experienced knee, shoulder, back and hip injuries and because they sat with the injury that body part froze up and/or stopped working. 

When you do nothing, nothing will happen and things will never get better. Yes you have to mend the injury but you can’t sit with it forever and not continue with flexibility and resistance training or you will atrophy and lose mobility and losing mobility means losing independence. 

Independence is a big issue with increasing age. So, flexibility and resistance exercises are essential.

Some of the less talked about things that will stop working if you don’t use it is your voice box. That’s right your voice will leave you if you stop using it or don’t use it enough. As people age they often go down that road. Trust me, I know people who have experienced this. Specifically, I reconnected with a woman at a high school reunion and asked her why her voice was like it was – it was scratchy and it came and went when she spoke. She told me her doctor said her voice box was going out. The homework he gave her was simple – talk more. 

It’s essential that we stay connected with people and have healthy and stimulating conversations.  You don’t want to lose your natural form of communication when it can easily be avoided. Put together a tribe of supportive people that you can regularly talk to and share things with so you can stay healthy in mind, voice and spirit. 🙂

Also not often talked about is the fact that your libido can suffer too.  Holy crap. What! Yes! Not to worry though. Your sex drive and everything I’ve mentioned doesn’t have to go downhill when age goes uphill. 

With daily exercise, a woman or man can boost their sex drive by an impressive 169%.  Hmmm…maybe that’s why I can’t stop moving and don’t want to.  On the other hand, it is great motivation to stay active.  LOL.

The bottom line is we all want good health and a great quality of life.  We all want to feel good and remain independent for as long as we live and therefore we’ve got to stay in motion and stay connected.   I think the sacrifice and trade off is worth it.  

If we stay active, we get to be sexy, healthy, and happy all at the same time.  How cool is that? 


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The Change That Changes Everything: Menopause

The Change That Changes Everything: Menopause

Have you gone through the change yet?  You know, the one they call Menopause. For men, it’s called Andropause.  Men don’t really talk about what happens to them and so they don’t ask questions.  Some don’t really understand it until their testosterone drops and it affects their sex drive.  But I’ve had a lot of women hit me up on social media asking how to deal with the side effects and how to deal with their changing body because of it.   So whether you have or haven’t yet had the experience let me put you ahead of the game.

Let’s remove the stigma and start this conversation! 

It’s a subject often discussed behind closed doors or not at all and unfortunately, this leaves many of us not only unprepared for it but also clueless as to how to deal with the symptoms that often follow like body changes, weight gain,  hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, irritability, and fatigue.  In addition, you may experience dry skin, sleep disturbances, hair thinning and a low libido which can really erode your confidence. 

One Instagram post from Tabitha Grant said: 

Hi Wendy I admire your fitness journey and wondered if you had any advice for getting fit during menopause?  It’s so hard for me. I always had a flat stomach and along comes menopause and poof my nice body is gone!!!

No worries though.  All is not lost. There is so much you can do to relieve some of the discomfort and it is entirely possible to enhance and improve your lifestyle through healthy means, including taking a more natural approach to menopause. 

A More Natural Approach to Menopause

Adding foods rich in iron, vitamin D, calcium, and fiber can give your body the nutrients it needs. Working out can boost both your energy and your confidence. Working out also helps with your sex drive and reconnects you with your incredible body. Men’s testosterone rises even higher and faster than women. 


With the hormonal changes that come with menopause, it is easy to gain weight. Exercise is a great way to combat weight gain and helps make up for any muscle loss you may experience due to menopause.

Engaging in cardio and other regular physical activity also helps relieve depression and can improve your self-esteem. In addition, exercise helps unwind the tension we often feel during menopause as we navigate hot flashes, depression, and anxiety.

Strength Training

Strength training is another natural approach we can take with menopause. It helps boost our decreasing metabolism and burns more fat. In addition, regular resistance exercise increases muscle strength. This is possible even without any big changes being made to muscle mass or body composition.


Yoga can help with hot flashes and irritability we often experience with menopause. It also helps reduce any emotional symptoms we feel because of menopause and is a great way to treat our physical pain and restore our emotional health during this milestone.

Remember the important thing is to change up your routine and the way you do things to keep the body tuned up and guessing all the time which will provoke fat loss in weird places and change your body composition overall.

If you want more information on how to conquer menopause naturally, check out my new video, where I discuss the symptoms of menopause and how cardio, strength training, and yoga can help with the more common symptoms.

So I invite you to join the conversation.

Let’s talk about menopause and how to deal with the symptoms. Let’s talk about how aging is a wonderful thing. Let’s talk about how women are always vibrant and beautiful no matter what age we’re at. I’m excited for this conversation and I’m excited to share more of it with you.


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My Fav Quote This Month – 

“Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are FOREVER.” – Walt Disney

Ditch The Bat Wings In Just 15 Minutes A Day

Ditch The Bat Wings In Just 15 Minutes A Day

How’s it going? The world is slowly healing and we’re easing back to busy mode. So I’m here to drop by quickly to let you know that even with our jam-packed schedules, we can still stay fit and healthy! The best way to build strength, muscle and to get rid of excess body fat is by doing weight training.  All it takes is 15 minutes a day to get started.   I’ve had a lot of requests asking how to get rid of  flabby arms affectionately known as “bat wings.”  So I’m dedicating this month to toning up those arms…

A number of factors contribute to flabby arms and atrophy of the muscles – noncommittal to resistance training, sedentary lifestyle, bad nutrition and age to name a few.  The good news is that you hold the power and you alone can prevent saggy arms from happening with the right workout routine.  

You CAN get back the great muscle tone in your arms in no time – AGE IS NOT A FACTOR!

I’ll guide you throughout and wherever you arehome, backyard, office or outside in the park (my personal favorite). I love working my body to the flow of music while being at one with nature. 

Take this ride with me and see don’t you feel the results begin to work immediately.

Oh! Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel so you don’t miss my other videos.

The workout will feature some of the following steps (w/even more to come)

We will start with a warm-up.  Arm Circles – Easy peasy! Just stretch your arms to the side like you are preparing to give someone a big hug. Then you will do controlled and small circular motions with your arms while they are still parallel to the floor. Arm circles may be easy to do but they help a lot in building your triceps, biceps, back and shoulder muscles. 

Bicep Curls: We love stacked biceps and it’s easy to get them with a classic bicep curl. To do a bicep curl, stand with your feet shoulder width apart with your arms at your side. Lift your hands up, bending at the elbow. Then bring your arms back to your side to complete the rep. Do 12 reps with a 30 second pause in between for two minutes.

Tricep Dips – Worry not because you won’t need gym equipment to do tricep dips. A dining chair or center table at home will do! Tricep dips would not only tone your arm muscles but doing this exercise will also increase your arm strength.

Tricep Extensions: Tricep extensions are great for working on your bat wings because it targets the muscle group. Start by standing feet shoulder-width apart. Then raise your arms up straight in the air and bend your elbows so your arms go behind your back. To do a rep, raise your arms back up, hold for a brief second, then lower back down. Repeat for 12 reps with a 30 second pause in between for two minutes.

Ohhhh and we are not stopping there. 12-15 min is all it takes!

Check out the video now and move with me! <<<——- CLICK HERE


My Fav Quote This Month – 

“If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one.” – Dolly Parton

Why You Should Add Mobility Exercises To Your Workout

Why You Should Add Mobility Exercises To Your Workout

As you know I just had a birthday and I’m still so excited about it because I’m just grateful to be able to breathe another day, another month and another year to continue my mission.

I work consistently on myself to make sure that each day I live and breathe is a quality day.  One of the things I know that really makes that possible is flexibility exercises.  Regardless of your age it’s important and it becomes essential for good functioning and mobility as we age.

Flexibility is about mobility and being able to move your joints through their full range of motion. It’s what allows you to effectively perform functional movements such as squatting, lunging, pushing, pulling, rolling, stretching. These are all basic movements that we perform in our workout sessions, as well as in everyday life. Flexibility exercises help us ensure that we can do these movements well, without the risk of injury.

Why You Should Add Mobility Exercises To Your Workout

It helps to improve…your strength, balance, and range of motion and prevent injury. 

Flexibility exercises are great to do as a warm-up, cool down, and on your rest days because they are low intensity.

Whether you’re a veteran fitness buff or a beginner, focusing on improving your mobility will give you more confidence in your body’s ability to handle exercises. It will also help you increase your faith in your capacity to change and become stronger.

This is especially true when you’re just at the very start of your fitness journey, where you need the confidence to keep on going even when results take a little longer to show. 

Also, don’t forget that In every fitness journey, it’s important to build on a strong physical, emotional and mental foundation that will allow you to progress into more advanced exercises and challenges. 

Concentrating on quality of life, mobility and the desire to stay independent as we age flexibility exercises will allow you to notice and appreciate what your body can do and the small improvements you can achieve each day.

Take it from me.  That feels super rewarding and SUPER FABULOUS!


My Fav Quote This Month – 

“You must tell yourself – no matter how hard it is, or how hard it gets, I’m going to make it.” – Les Brown

Building A Fat Busting Workout That Lasts

Building A Fat Busting Workout That Lasts

As you may know I just had a birthday and I feel really blessed even though I didn’t do as much as I really wanted to do.  But but but, I have been sooo busy otherwise and can’t wait to tell you more about that later.  Right now I want to focus on you and maybe give you a little reinforcement to your health.  

We all sometimes struggle to find the time to workout. Between work, family, and our long to-do lists, it can seem impossible to fit our health into our busy schedules. Luckily, I have the perfect workout solution for busy people like you. Fat-blasting micro-power workouts can help you fit a workout in no matter how jam-packed your schedule.

How do fat blaster micropower workouts work?

Fat blaster micropower workouts are densely packed circuit moves that help you achieve your fitness goals in short seven minutes workouts. These are whole-body workouts that help you lose fat, tone up, and support your health. They don’t require any special equipment or a trip to the gym. You can do these anytime you have a few minutes and anywhere you have space. All you need are the right steps.

The exercises I’m going to show you will give you a bit of a challenge, even if you can complete each set in as short a period as 7 minutes. But this way, you’re able to get the workout you need in manageable chunks. Once you get into the swing of it, we can gradually increase the duration or intensity of the workout to continue seeing results.

The goal is not to find time to workout, the goal is to find a workout that fits into your schedule. 

The key here is to focus on sustainability. That means an exercise routine that you can manage even with a hectic schedule. 

While you’re still starting out, however, it’s important not to rush yourself. Give yourself time to adjust to the new workout, but hold yourself accountable for performing a few sets each day. The goal here is to build a habit of completing a few sets each day—a habit you can sustain in the long-term.

The best part is as you commit to the seven-minute workout, it’ll start to grow. You’ll soon find yourself having more energy to knock out your to-do list faster. Leaving you more time for the important things like your family and your health.


My Fav Quote This Month – 

“Make your life a masterpiece; imagine no limitations on what you can be, have, or do.” – Brian Tracy

4 Ways To Beat Back Belly Fat

4 Ways To Beat Back Belly Fat

I hope all is well with you.  I also hope that the weight of the world events has eased up just a little bit.  I’ve been really busy but wanted to check in with you to see if you’ve been able to pick up the pace.  I know most of us have been less active and too relaxed to move around and do ANYTHING, so it’s not surprising to discover that you may have gained a bit of belly fat along the way. 

Abdominal fat is one of the most challenging to lose, especially as we age, but don’t worry! Challenging as it may be, it is not entirely impossible. 

Here’s what we know.  Having excess fat around the waist can increase the risks of health complications. Having too much belly fat interferes with our metabolism, which can contribute to insulin resistance, higher cholesterol levels, and heart disease. So, it’s really important to beat back abdominal fat for a healthier lifestyle and with the right plan, you could be bidding your belly fat goodbye in no time!  

So let me share some of my secrets and personal favorites to getting those SEXY washboard ABS.

Give Yourself Better Food

In achieving any fitness and health goal, having a good diet is also a big part of the equation. Avoiding sweets, sugary drinks, and excess carbohydrates is key to a more balanced diet. While cutting back on sugar is easier said than done, especially when you have a sweet tooth, there are definitely ways in which you can make de-sugaring much easier. 

Making sure you have the right amount of lean protein in your diet is one of the best ways to fight sugar cravings. Numerous studies have shown that people with more protein in their diet tend to have less belly fat, too. Choosing plant-based sources of protein also has the benefit of adding fiber into your diet.

Improve Mobility And Increase Aerobic Activity

Working out seems daunting at first because we have all these preconceived notions of what it should look like. Commonly, we associate exercise with punishing gym sessions. Let’s all do ourselves a favor and throw these ideas out the window.

The key is to shift this mindset by starting with exercises that you can sustain and possibly enjoy. It can be hard to start working out when you’ve been sedentary for a while. So, begin with basic mobility exercises just to get yourself moving. From there, slowly incorporate strength and flexibility exercises. 

Concentrate on putting these fitness basics into regular practice first. What’s important is that you stick to it. If you’re a complete beginner like I was at the start of my fitness journey, you can contact me to privately help you or get total body workout videos to guide you through a routine.

Work On Getting Good Sleep

Sleep is fundamental to recovery and a healthy metabolism. While exercise is an important part of losing excess fat, your workout gains can be sabotaged by lack of sleep.

4 Ways To Beat Back Belly FatGood sleep also helps to regulate the hormones that make you feel hungry or full. Sleep deprivation can throw these hormones out of balance and can lead to overeating. It can also affect your mood, making you feel too tired during the day to do anything active.

Practicing sleep hygiene like having a regular sleep schedule and pre-bedtime routine, can greatly improve your sleep quality. Working on this habitually will not only be good for your belly fat, but will also improve your overall mental and physical health.

Changes won’t happen overnight, and there will be days when you feel like you’re not improving. But trust me when I say that every day you choose to sleep, eat, and exercise better is worth it in the long run. Be kind to yourself and take things slow at first. The only thing that matters is that you start and keep at it.


My Fav Quote This Month – 

“Just believe in yourself. Even if you don’t, pretend that you do and, at some point, you will.” – Venus Williams

Micro Time Calls for Micro Workouts

Micro Time Calls for Micro Workouts

Hope all is well.  This year is off to a strange start but I have faith that all is going to work out exactly the way it’s supposed to.  I like to focus on all the things I can control vs those things I can not. I CAN control how I fix my hair, how often I wash my hands, what I eat and how much and how often I exercise etc. And finding time for a workout is a must to help feel a sense of control and to reduce your anxiety.

I understand it’s difficult. But it’s also very achievable. Between work, chores, old and new stresses, finding the time and headspace to prepare yourself for a workout could seem impossible. Even when you know that exercise will help you feel better, that it will help you balance your mind and body, it’s difficult to will yourself to do the right thing. This is especially true when you think you have to spend a whole hour or even half an hour to exercise. 

Fortunately for you, I have a great solution on how you can get a full workout in, without having to schedule extra time into your packed work or TV schedule. 

I do this thing called micro workouts, (also known as a snack or quickie depending on what kind of exercise you’re doing) and they can work wonders.

Micro workouts are workouts that you can do in two minutes or less. They do not require any special equipment and can be done anywhere in your home, office, or wherever you find yourself with a few spare minutes.

Micro workouts lead to what is known as a “cumulative training effect.” Not only do these small workouts add up to meet your daily fitness requirements, they also require less rest. When you do a workout for 2 or less minutes, you are not going to get overly tired and you’ll be able to do harder workouts over time. I like to think of them as active minibreaks, which makes me look forward to doing the exercises rather than dreading them.

For example:

  • While brushing your teeth, do 3 reps of ten calf raises
  • At the office, get up and do 10 squats or take a short walk to the water cooler every hour
  • When you are standing in a line at the grocery store, stand on one leg for a count of ten and switch
  • When you get home, do three reps of tricep dips off the edge of your sofa or dining chair

These are just some ideas to try. The best strategy is to just look for opportunities throughout the day where you have a few spare moments you are not otherwise using. Then just fit a simple exercise into that moment.

It fits perfectly between work and household tasks, it takes the pressure off your schedule. You don’t need to carve a whole hour to do them. Instead, you do what you can when you can.  Just remember, the focus is on increasing mobility so go for exercises that improve your strength, flexibility, and cardio.

I like to stick to basic exercises that include squats, lunges, planks, dynamic stretches, and yoga sun salutations. You don’t need to overthink it. 

Over time, you’ll find that micro workouts help keep you feeling fit and fabulous no matter how busy you are every day. 

If you’re not sure how to do these exercises or want more ideas, I’m always here to help. Feel free to email or call me anytime you need support on living your best, healthiest life.


My Fav Quote This Month – 

“Don’t wait until you’ve reached your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of every step you take toward reaching that goal.”

How to Create an Immune Safe New Year – 2021

How to Create an Immune Safe New Year – 2021


Congratulations! We MADE IT!  Yes, 2020 has been one for the record books but it’s time to brush ourselves off and reflect on everything we’re grateful for and then see where we can build a stronger foundation for ourselves and for others in this new world. 

First, let’s focus on what we do have (not what we don’t have).  Then focus on what you Do have control over NOT what you DON’T have control over. And what you do have control over is YOU!  So let’s start there. 

Let’s make this year better by making a commitment to ourselves to live a happier, healthier life.  That starts with keeping our immune system running in optimal condition and that means getting active and fueling our bodies with the nutrients it needs. 

I gotta tell you I have been doubling down and making for darn sure that I’m keeping up rather than trying to keep catching up. But if you haven’t been keeping up it’s not too late to reroute, restructure and repeat a well laid out sustainable plan.

Here’s what I know for sure…making healthy food choices can be a challenge and last year that challenge probably more than tripled because of the world crises that caused devastating effects on not only what and how much we eat but our mental and physical health overall.

To get you started on this journey here are my top four tips to help you make easier food choices.

1. Always Read The Nutrition Panel

Food companies know that we want to eat healthy food, so they make a lot of misleading claims on the box. The only way to really tell if something is truly healthy is to read the nutrition panel. You want foods that are high in vitamins and nutrients and low in sugar, unhealthy fats, and sodium. If you are on a mission to lose weight, you want the calories and carbs to be low and the protein to be high.

2. Avoid Heavily Processed Foods

To cut back on overly processed food, it is important to start slowly. Begin by supplementing meals with fresh foods and start cutting out sugar-sweetened beverages. Focus on drinking more water. When choosing grains, choose whole grains over the over-processed grains you may typically buy.

Some heavily processed food that is best to avoid are flavored nuts, microwave popcorn, fruit snacks, breakfast cereals, bacon, sausage, and any microwaveable or ready to eat meals packed full of sodium.

3. Substitute! Substitute! Substitute!

Eating right is not an either or situation. You don’t have to give anything up. Instead, substitute the unhealthiest ingredients in a dish, with a healthier ingredient. For example, if you’re trying to cut back on your carbs, you can have veggie spirals, shirataki noodles, or whole grain pasta instead of the standard noodles. If you’re trying to cut down on sugar, replace your favorite ice cream treat with a frozen smoothie instead. Some of the healthiest smoothies out there taste like milkshakes. Or, instead of pizza, try out pita pockets and pack it full of your favorite veggies.

4. Make a List

I also recommend that you make a list before shopping and never shop while you are hungry. When you don’t have a list, you are more likely to start impulse shopping, which can leave you with unhealthy items you might not have otherwise thrown in the cart. Stick to your list, and you will find that while making healthier food choices, you will also save some money because there is no impulse buying.

These tips are super easy and will help get you on track to make smarter and healthier nutrition choices. After everything that’s happened this year, you deserve to really care for yourself in 2021. 

Ask yourself these questions and make a list…

  • What have you done this last year 2020 to put more of a focus and emphasis on your health? 
  • What are your plans for 2021? 

Let’s kickstart the new year and start by making healthier food choices, finding an exercise program that you can get excited about and treating our bodies with love. 

As we slowly start to filter back into society, it is important to make healthier choices all around while not letting our guard down. 

For more tips to keep you on track to achieving your life and health goals make sure to —> contact me via email and we can set up a discovery session.


Don’t wait. Create a New Year…A  New You…A New Outlook!!

Are you having trouble staying motivated to work out at home? 

Then Journal it out.  Journaling will help you meet and smash your goals consistently. 

This journal comes complete with 52 Ways to Take Back Your Fabulous! + 2  posters. Let’s get FABULOUS together! 



My Fav Quote This Month – 

“The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written.” – Melody Beattie

Have A Healthy Christmas!

Have A Healthy Christmas!

As we close out this ridiculous year of 2020 that will forever be in our history books, I realize that I’ve had multiple major history making news and events myself and let me tell you, they weren’t easy for me either. There were days when I struggled because of the many things that were going on in and around me. I think we all did!

Mine eyes have seen and experienced a relentless chain of events…deaths, sicknesses, suicides, breakups, stresses and losses we all could never have imagined. I would sit still each time something happened and whisper OMG…OMG…OMG!

Although no one is ever exempt from the trials and tribulations of life, Here’s is what I am VERY sure of. We CAN control some things, but NOT ALL things. So I like to focus on those things I CAN control rather than what I can’t.  And we DO have control over what we do, what we say and how we react to things. We CAN control how we choose to handle unforeseen things that enter our lives and we CAN choose to learn and grow from it. That is my go to and focus when a crisis happens. 

Oh and with regard to healing the pain, anger, suffering and sadness that comes with the territory…Father Time heals ALL. 

So I urge YOU to take that theory out for a test drive. 

In the meantime, while you’re waiting on time to soften the blow show yourself some mercy. How do you do that? The way I do that is…I baby myself.  I handle myself with lots of care by focusing on things that bring me joy. And one of the things that brings me joy is Christmas!  Yayyyyyy!  

For many of us, Christmas is all about tradition—the elf on the shelf, Christmas trees and décor, Christmas stockings, and gifts. But what I love most about Christmas is the time spent with my family. I love hearing their stories and hearing them laugh—hearing myself laugh with them.

One memory that comes to mind when I say Christmas is…me running out of the house and down the street chasing my daughter who had a pie that I wanted. She was yelling: “you told me to hide it”!  I hollered back “I changed my mind!”  Yes yes…those were good times for sure! 😊

That great memory is firing me up as I sit here RIGHT NOW!!! YES YES and OH YES! I am so filled with the holy Christmas spirit that I can’t sit still (just like I was at thanksgiving). 

Yes this is going to be a different Christmas, but hey, we don’t back down! After all, it’s still the most wonderful time of the year.

So let’s stay positive and see what we can create. To rev up that holiday energy and keep it steamy here’s some ideas that work for me this year…

Go Wild On Christmas Decorations

Decorate your home—put up your Christmas tree, adorn your fireplace with beautiful decorations, and be creative. 

Put up Christmas lights even outside. Set up a Santa Claus by the door to cheer passersby. Make your house as festive as possible. Why not go all out this year!

Decorating your home is also an excellent way to keep yourself busy while you’re on lockdown. But also, setting up Christmas decorations will surely make you feel the Christmas spirit. 

Organize A Secret Santa

Gift giving is always one of the best parts of Christmas. You can set up a Secret Santa with your families or with your neighbors. If you have families living out-of-state, you may want to set it up earlier to make time for shipping. How to set up a socially distanced Secret Santa? There are platforms like SecretSanta.com or Elfster.com (that’s what I’ve been using for years) that lets you set up Secret Santa online.

Get Creative With Christmas Cards

Get in touch with your creative side and make your own Christmas cards this year. Take your own photo or design your card and send them out to your family and friends along with your gifts. It’s personal and so much more fun.

Schedule A Time With Your Loved Ones

This is the most important part of all.  You can shop for all the food that you want, but if you don’t have your loved ones around you, it won’t mean a thing, right? So what you can do is schedule a video call with your loved ones to celebrate Christmas 2020.  I did that for thanksgiving and it was wonderful. We had a relaxing dinner together, shared memories, told jokes and were comforted in knowing that everyone was safe and sound. 

Try to Celebrate your Christmas safely this season but have loads of fun! Don’t let anyone or anything spoil your joy. 

Stay focused. Stay strong and create beautiful memories.



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My Fav Quote This Month – 

“Be present in all things and thankful for all things.” – Maya Angelo

Safe and Creative Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving

Safe and Creative Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Yep we made it!  It’s on like popcorn! 😊. I’m talking about the holidays! 

Thanksgiving’s right around the corner but it’s going to look a little different from what we’re used to this year. I know it’s tough. But stay with me and hang in there.

Traditions will be put on hold and we’re definitely gonna miss some happy faces running around our houses.  Ohhh I’m already feeling it BIG TIME! Because let’s face it during the holidays we all look forward to happy times and laughter with our families. For me I believe that is what grounds me, restores me and then charges me up for the year ahead. 

But as they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry. We’ve gotta remember our health and safety precautions to keep ourselves and our families healthy and free from the impending doom and gloom of this pandemic. This is especially true for us that are a little older. Yes, we might be strong and healthy, but that doesn’t mean we’re not susceptible to that monster out there.

Now, that doesn’t mean we’ll just sulk around at our tables all alone either. There are ways! Like I’ve told you tons of times before, THERE ARE ALWAYS WAYS!

And here are some ways that might trigger your creativity for this very different holiday season…

1. Determine What You Are Comfortable Doing

Before starting, you need to assess your personal needs and your own comfort levels. Though it will be hard, if we do not feel confident attending a planned gathering in person, then we can make plans to join virtually instead. If we do feel comfortable, then we must define what safety means to us and communicate that to our families and friends.

2. Establish Some Ground Rules

Talk with your family and friends now about what you can do together to reduce the risk for everyone, so you can confidently meet in person. 

Think about doing a group quarantine before the holiday or having all the guests get a test right before the event. Also make sure that you review the latest recommendations of the medical community on what safety measures to take when you do gather and follow those guidelines. Make sure everyone who is planning on attending understands the ground rules and is comfortable with the safety measures.

3. Think Outside Of The Box

There are a lot of ways that you can reduce your risk if you think differently about how to celebrate. For example you could share your meal outside instead of at the dining table. You could also move away from family style and do individual plates. You could spread the seating out to meet the six foot distance, so that even though you are not sharing a table, you’re still sharing a space. You could even wear masks to gather and take a plate home to eat separately. There are so many ways to do this, you just have to get creative.

4. Order or Send Food and Other Gifts. 

For me part of the enjoyment of the holiday is cooking the meal. I love it so much! But maybe that’s because I only REALLY get into a lot of cooking once a year on thanksgiving!  Ha ha lol.

But, on the other hand a great way to cut yourself some slack and support local businesses around your area is to consider picking up some food from your local restaurants. You can also order specialty foods online–yes, even turkey! You’ll only have to reheat them and voila, dinner’s ready!

This whole online ordering and food delivery won’t only benefit you. You can also send your loved ones who are not with you something special like a gift basket. That way, you can make them feel like you’re there.

And why not send something you made yourself? Now wouldn’t that be even more special? If you really can’t stop yourself from cooking a great meal or baking some goodies during the holidays, send a Thanksgiving care package over to your family members and friends as well.

5. Donate

This Thanksgiving won’t be the same for other people, especially those who have lost their loved ones and those who are having a hard time in terms of their financials. So why not try a different tradition with your entire family? Talk to an organization and find out how you can help this Thanksgiving.

Planning for the holidays can be rough in normal times, but they are going to be exceptionally difficult this year. However, if we start planning now and bring our “can-do spirit,” we can still enjoy Thanksgiving with our families. Start today and remember, there is no challenge that we can’t overcome. 

Just because we’re apart doesn’t mean we’re not together. 

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

This may be the PERFECT time to TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE!!! Or help someone else take back theirs. 

Thanksgiving is all about sharing! Share the gift of health and safety by creating new traditions and continue taking care of yourself.



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Quote Of The Day – 
“Be thankful for what you have. Your life, no matter how bad you think it is, is someone else’s fairytale.”  – Wale Ayeni