Blk #3I was inspired by a lady who booked an appointment with me recently. She is 54 and full of life and the desire push forward no matter what to reach her dreams. She doesn’t believe the hype and old attitude that aging means insignificance. Instead she is fired up and plunging forward!

I get excited as heck about that and I want more women to really understand it…that age is a state of mind and a state of health. That’s it!

So just as I told her…I want to pass on to you too…

Keep the party going for as long as you can.

I mean keep yourself together, no matter what age you are. Be proactive with your health and keep your stress low and you will have the energy and the desire to do all the things you desire and so much more.

You will never become insignificant unless you think you are or believe what others say you are. You are you. You are unique. You are beautiful. So act that way, dress that way, talk that way and walk that way with your head up. Believe in you!

If you find that difficult to do on your own ask for support. Get the help you need to succeed and use that wonderful wisdom that comes with age to your advantage.

Lotta Love and blessings,

Wendy Ida

My goal is to KEEP you motivated and keep up with the best in this game called life. In part I do that with my workout DVD’s.

One Fabulous Fan says this about it…

ingaHi Wendy,
I just wanted to say that I love love your workout DVD. There is no dread factor, and the workout flies by. Your upbeat and warm personality make me happy, and your amazing physique inspires me. Thank you so much.

I was wondering if you have any plans to make more DVD’s. I would be the first in line to purchase them!
Sincerely, Inga xoxo

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Exercise No-No’s for Pregnant Women

Exercise No-No’s for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a sensitive issues when it comes to women and fitness. Weight consciousPregnant Excerise Advice women tend to become even more conscious when they experience their body change. Not wanting to gain weight, they start working out — and sometimes without even consulting their doctor. Not consulting your physician and exercising during pregnancy can do more harm than good. So if you or someone you care about is thinking of implementing a work out routine during pregnancy, it is highly advised to consult your doctor to avoid any complications during pregnancy. Below are a few activities a woman should avoid during pregnancy.


  1. Exercises that involve lying or standing for a long time: After the first trimester, exercises such as sit-ups which involve lying on the back for a longtime should cease. Also activities that involve standing motionless should be discontinued until after the pregnancy. These activities decrease the flow of blood to uterus and also drop your heart rate.
  2. Exercises that impact breathing: Women, who are used to lifting light weights previously, can continue during pregnancy. But heavy lifting is prohibited. This type of strain disrupts breathing and irregularity in breathing directly affects the oxygen supply to your baby. Similarly, scuba diving is probably not a good idea either.
  3. Exercise with a risk of falling: Women who have been working out regularly before pregnancy, should re-consider their exercise routine. All activities that have a risk of falling down should be avoided. For instance, biking, skiing and horseback riding should be strictly avoided because of the high risk.
  4. Activities which can cause Trauma: Activities with flying objects or sports with the possibility of blunt contact are not for pregnant women. It is definitely better to be a distant and shielded spectator during these events. One can never be too cautious in situations that risk accidental impact on the abdominal area. So ladies let me say this loud and clear – “No more roller derby for you for a while!”
  5. Avoid exercise in hot climate: Heat and humidity can cause Mommy to overheat. Your rising body temperature is dangerous for the baby. Ask your doctor but he/she should tell you the limits on your heart rate range during pregnancy. Each woman is different.
  6. High Altitudes: Exercising at high altitudes above 6000ft during pregnancy is not advised because it reduces the oxygen flow to your baby.
  7. High impact Movement: Activities that involve bouncing, jerking and twisting should be avoided. A pregnant woman’s joints naturally loosen up as her body prepares for child birth. These activities could cause the joints to strain, making them more prone to injury.

Once again, it is strictly advised that you consult your physician before committing to any kind of exercise during your pregnancy. The effects vary from female to female, an exercise which one could do with ease, can prove to be harmful for another. You and your baby’s reactions are connected to factors such as physique, genetics, and medical history of the female. So relax ladies! Your doctor will let you know what type of gain is normal and tell you some exercises that are healthy for you during this process. Congratulations to all the New Mommies and babies!

Na’vi Bodies – How BIG are you?

Na’vi Bodies – How BIG are you?

Is smaller better? Do you know what your body type is?  Are you pear shaped, apple, watermelon or maybe you are closer to the  Na’ Vi Body like the one in the movie Avatar?  They are a lot like human bodies right?  Similarly, they have two arms and legs, two ears, two eyes, one nose and one mouth, but they are a bit more slender in comparison to the human bodies, although they still are similar in their proportions. That, however, is where the obvious differences seem to end.

I thought it was interesting to note that the Na’vi anatomy includes a small tendril that protrudes from the back of the head and is covered by a ponytail. This tendril allows them to connect to the environment around them. Other differences between Na’vi bodies and human bodies include the color of their skin and the fact that the Na’vi are several feet taller than the average human which gives them an advantage, as far as their strength and speed is concerned.

That being said here’s my question and root observation.  How fit are you?  Some make this judgment on eyesight alone. The assumption is that if you are skinny or a person of average build you are healthy and fit and if you are fat or a person of larger frame size you are sick and unhealthy. Let me just say, it ain’t necessarily so Joe!  Furthermore no matter what shape or body type you are or even if you have tendrils flowing from the back of your neck and blue in color like the Na’vi, it is not a measure of your health or fitness level.  Far too often I have met with people who are of average size but unfit and unhealthy.

Here’s what matters.  Health!  Focus on health and functional fitness first, not how you look and everything else will fall into place.  AMEN!

Maintain a Healthy Body Weight

Maintain a Healthy Body Weight

You are considered obese if you are 30 pounds or more over weight. If you have too much body fat, especially around the waist, your risk of heart disease as well as other health problems increase, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol diabetes and stroke. A high-risk waistline for women is 35 inches or more – for men it’s 40 inches or more.