How are you feeling?  What a question…huh?  Me too! These are definitely uncertain times, 

But don’t let your mind play tricks on you or the weight of the world will cave in on you and INFECT your very soul!

I’ve spent a lot of time rallying with family members and practicing the right protocols to stay in compliance and keep everyone safe but because this is a brand new day in history and there are so many unknowns it still feels uncomfortable and therefore we all tend to worry – some people more than others. 

I say to YOU, however…NOT TO WORRY!  Regardless of all the adversities going on you still have the POWER.  

“With every adversity there’s an OPPORTUNITY of equal or greater value”. Napoleon Hill

There are things you can do to SURVIVE & THRIVE mind, body, and soul during this CoronaVirus crisis we’re all working through. The way you treat your body has a direct impact on your mind, and the way you treat your mind has a direct impact on your body, so it’s NEVER been more important to take care of YOU

The most important thing I want you to know is…HOW to exercise your power.

7 ways to SURVIVE & THRIVE through the Corona crisis are: 

  1. Accept and embrace the CHANGE – This is an unprecedented change in history.  Accept it so you can adapt as quickly as possible.  Then find the opportunity in it to stay ahead of the curve. The longer you stay in denial and the more you resist this change in history the more harmful and damaging it will be. 

  3. Practice self-care. While we might have to hold off on doing some things right now, keeping good care of yourself shouldn’t be one of those things! a.Workout – When we workout, we burn off all that stress we’re feeling, we give our immune systems a boost, and we bring ourselves back to a state of calm. If you’re feeling stressed and unclear, work those worries away!  My Fountain of You DVD is one example that can help you to get up and moving at home. You can even include the whole family for a fun workout session! b. Good nutrition is part of self-care too. So much of our strength comes from what we feed our bodies! Pay close attention to your nutrition at this time and give your body what it needs to stay healthy and strong!  

  5. Hydrate – This was worth highlighting separately. Never forget to hydrate!  Whether you’ve just completed an AWESOME workout or you’re sitting home alone have that water handy. Staying hydrated helps your body to eliminate the toxins and bacteria that lead to illness!  

  7. Drink hot tea – The powerful herbs and naturals in hot tea can really help you to feel better! There are teas out there for immune boosting, calming, energizing, metabolism-boosting, and simply helping you to feel good! 

  9. Gargle with saltwater – Getting a cold or flu right now can be nerve-wracking stuff, and gargling salt water can help you to stave off these infections! This can help you to loosen mucus, soothe a sore throat, and flush out irritants and bacteria.  

  11. Sleep – While we’re asleep, our bodies take the opportunity to rest, heal, and take care of themselves. Get plenty of sleep to make sure your body is in tip-top shape and feeling its best! 

  13. Get creative – Use this time to get involved in several projects you’ve been putting off.  Clean out your garage, read some books, start a new career, reach out and connect with people online and see how you can help others etc.  There is so much you can do that can create a plethora of opportunities for you. Besides it’ll keep you busy and productive and you’ll be part of the solution instead of the problem.  That’s what we all need more of.

 Prayer warriors keep up the good work. We are in this together and we will PUSH THRU IT & THRIVE!


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“When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine!”