Can you believe that it’s already December?  Yes, the year is finally winding down.  So the question is…What have you done lately?   And where do you want to go with it next year?

Where Do You Want To Go?

This is a good time to reflect on the people places and things from this year as well as years past – where you’ve been, what you’ve accomplished, and even the things that have held you back.  And figure out what worked and what didn’t.   So you can learn, grow and improve next year.

Where Do You Want To Go?As I reflect on this year, I realize that I’ve had many challenges – some personal and some professional.  Some were a surprise and some I sought after on my own. 

And while family and friends have played a major role in supporting me and lifting me up during tough times I’ve grown to welcome a challenge because I know it only helps to elevate you to new and better levels.

Some of my BEST moments were being a Sports Illustrated swimsuit semi-finalist and spending time with – MJ Day Sr. Editor of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit and Yu Tsai Creative Consultant/Photographer of America’s Next Top Model & of course Tyra Banks.

And what could be better than letting loose with family and friends or partying it up at my besties’ birthday party – Raquel Thomas! 

These are just a few highlights for me.  I’ve had many who touched my life in 2019.

What are your experiences?  Lay them out.

While everyone is scrambling to get Holiday shopping finished, I urge you to tally up your year – good or bad list them all.  Also think about all the people who impacted your life to ensure you have the right relationships moving forward.

Where Do You Want To Go?This personal reflection can have a huge impact on your future.

The New Year brings with it plenty of opportunity for new beginnings and a fresh start.

Accomplishing something great in the new year is something we can all aspire to achieve, but in order to achieve something great or anything at all you have to know one basic thing – where you want to go and what you want to do. 

Are you prepared to go there? Can you honestly say that you are the best version of yourself?

If YES, you can reach your full potential and maximize on the HUGE impact you will make next year.

If NO, STOP here and make YOURSELF a priority!  Include YOU at the top of your to-do-list for next year’s plans. 

Whether you want your best body, your best health or you want to let go of emotional debris that has had you on lock down for way too many years.  Let this be your year to finally break free.

We are not getting any younger but we can get stronger and should be getting smarter. With age comes wisdom and we can use that wisdom to reinvent ourselves to look and feel AMAZING!Where Do You Want To Go?

Think about the goals you want to achieve and…where you want your life to end up taking you. Think about how you want to reach those goals and…think about the things that you can attain while also improving yourself in a positive way.

Then never forget that you will always encounter obstacles along the way.  So just push through them –  go over them, under them or around them to get to the other side and realize that it was placed in your path to test your character, to make you better and to take you higher.

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