Is your daily schedule so busy that you can never find the time to exercise? Well there are no excuses! Here are a few easy workouts that you can do at work that will get you up and moving around.

Work-Friendly Exercises

By now you know that fitness matters in a big way, and that I take a lot of pride in helping you achieve your goals. One of the biggest challenges I keep hearing about from clients is that they’re too busy to workout. I can understand the sentiment – there really never seems to be enough hours in the day, after all.

But the fact is that there are plenty of exercises out there you can do while working. Whether you take a quick 5-minute break to sneak something in, or exercise while working, multitasking to fit your workout into the workday is incredibly important – and easier than you think. Let’s look at some easy ways to exercise at work:

• Sneak in exercise! stop taking the elevator and start taking the stairs, and park a bit further away from work than you normally would. This can sneak in a little cardio each day.

• Tap those toes while you’re at your desk! Just raising and lowering your legs speedily while you’re typing at a desk can give you some lower body exercise and even a bit of cardio.

• Stop dialing extensions and actually go visit the person you need to talk to. A walk through the cubicles each day several times can help you in a big way.

• Finally, take a five-minute break and jog in place, squeeze in some push-ups, or something similar. It’s easy to do.

The reality is that if you’re ready to get in shape for real, you’ll find a way to fit it into your day.