Have you ever been guilty of saying, “I’m too busy to work out?” Have you ever said “I can’t add another thing to my schedule or the healthiest foods are too expensive?.” How about this line? “I’m so overwhelmed with work, family and personal relationships that I don’t have time for myself anymore.”  

I know how you’re feeling. It makes you feel out of control.  It makes you just want to give up. But don’t you do it. 

There will always be times when you want to quit – It happens to everyone. During my own transformation I’ve had several occasions when I was ready to quit.  And no lie I actually did a few times but I found my life going to hell. That’s why I’m warning you. Don’t do it! Don’t quit!

My mantra is:  ‘It’s better to keep up, than catch up!’   Living by this mantra changed my life.

While WANTING to quit is one thing, actually quitting is something totally different! It’s natural to feel frustrated when things get tough, but it’s what we do about it that really counts! 

You can be your best motivation, and you can talk yourself back into being inspired to push through and make strides toward becoming your very best self!   5 things to tell yourself when you want to quit are: 

  1. You regret the things you DON’T do – The first important thing to remember is that you’re more likely to regret the things you don’t do than the things you do! If you quit, where will that get you? If you keep on, where will THAT get you? You’re far less likely to regret working on yourself compared to quitting.

  2. YOU are worth it – Transformations are hard work – just take a look at caterpillars and how they transform into butterflies! Your transformation will have some tough spots, but YOU are worth the effort and reaching your goals is going to show you just that. 

  3. What will happen if you quit? – If you do quit, what is going to happen? Chances are, you’ll fall right back into old habits and you’ll be left back at square one. What does that mean for all the hard work you’ve already put into yourself? 

  4. It’s not always about the physical results – We all hit plateaus sometimes, and while you’re transforming yourself physically, this can be extra frustrating. However, it’s not always solely about the physical results. Working out makes you feel good, it makes your body work better, and it lets you love your body in entirely new ways. Sometimes the good feelings you get from a great workout are more powerful than watching those numbers on the scale go down! 

  5. What would you a year from now say? – If you’re thinking about quitting, consider your future self. What would the version of you a year from now say if you quit today? Would they be happy with the decision, or would they wish you would’ve just stuck with it? I’m sure it would be the latter! 

In 2020, have 20/20 vision of the NEW YOU! Make better decisions than you did last year, and use this year as an opportunity to be the you that you’ve always wanted to be!


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Journaling is the PERFECT way to track your progress, your goals, your feelings, and your entire journey to a better a happier YOU!


“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” – Confucius