You’ve heard me say before that it’s never too late to get started on changing your life…right? No excuses, not even age should hold you back from reaching your dreams.

Just start from where you are. Begin with what you have and do what little you can do to get your motor warmed and rolling along. That’s how I started and it bloomed into an all new lifestyle that benefits me daily Are you on course to be a great finisher? Take my assessment to find out.

Taking An Assessment Of Where Your Life Is Going And Where You Want It To Go

We only get one life, and when it’s gone we aren’t going to have any do-overs. So, without a rewind button it’s important that you take a moment to look at your life, where it’s going, and what you need to change about it. I know this can be difficult, but this ‘future self-assessment’ is one of the keys to making sure you get the most from your life.

There are just a few key steps worth looking at here:

First, take an honest look at where you are and where your life is going. Are you noticing that you’re gaining weight, feeling tired all the time, sinking into a depression, or just working at a job you can’t stand? Be completely honest and identify the areas that you want to change.

Now you’ll need to figure out what steps will actually change your life. Do you need to re-enroll in school? Do you need to change your nutrition plan in order to feel better? Exercise more? Make a list of all the steps that will get you back on the path to where you want to be. Call me if you need some help with planning or if you need to know what’s best for your body.

Finally, stick with it. You’ll face ups and downs, triumphs and setbacks, but the key is that you never give up. The most important thing I want you to remember is don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Never suffer in silence!

Taking An Assessment Of Where Your Life Is Going And Where You Want It To Go

We all need support and guidance at some point in our lives. Quite honestly I could NOT have made it without the support I received during some severely rough times. With the right mindset and the right guidance, there is a clear path to a better you out there!

Taking An Assessment Of Where Your Life Is Going And Where You Want It To Go

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What did your ‘future self-assessment’ say about you? I’d love to hear back.