The Power of Meditation

The Power of Meditation

Ever seen someone go through a crisis in their life?  Whether it was from the death of a loved one, lovesick from a breakup or someone returning from jail, the worries and woes that plague your mind and cause stress in your life can cause premature aging, disease and even death.  In order to perform and survive the normal activities in today’s world it is necessary to go to another level and find a vessel where you can find inner peace and tranquility of mind.  One of the best ways to achieve this today is through meditation. Although it’s been around for ages, more and more people are catching on and realizing its powerful benefits.

Stress Reduction

If you meditate for 10 to 15 minutes a day in a quiet environment it will lower your blood pressure, relax restricted veins and bring you a peace of mind that you never knew before.  As a result you will become a better decision maker.


Man has stepped on the moon, conquered Mount Everest and gone deep into the core of the earth, but what man has not been able to do is to control his own mind. The mind is key to everything.  If controlled rightly it gives birth to positive thoughts and if let loose it produces negative thoughts. Meditation promotes a positive thought process and helps to control your mind over what really matters.

Patience and Perspective

Some things in life irritate us on a regular basis and make us desperate.  It happens to all of us.  You get annoyed when you have to stand in line, or you have little patience behind the wheel of your car at the signal. Meditation allows you to see a different perspective and creates a balance within you.

Clarity and Concentration

You cannot achieve success in life without concentration. Until you have your mind and heart focused on where you’re headed, you cannot perform at your optimum level.  Meditation gives you clarity and concentration to see things through.

It is quite difficult to explain the power of meditation, because it involves a certain level of consciousness, which can’t be put in the form of words. The above-mentioned benefits of meditation are real. Nevertheless, the key factor that predicts the outcome of meditation is perseverance. The more consistent you are in your meditation, the more you will achieve inner peace and control which will help you discover new horizons.

Still got the habit of late night eating?

Still got the habit of late night eating?

Since late night eating is such a tough habit to conquer and has such devastating effects I thought more alternatives were in order. Don’t try to overdo anything just keep it simple and remember that the ultimate goal is to avoid and resist the tempting habit of late night munchies. Practice makes perfect!

Alternatives: If you still can’t resist the cravings, then wean yourself slowly by replacing snacking or unhealthy foods with some low cal foods. You can sip on a cup of low calorie, no caffeine herbal tea that will sooth your stomach, eat a small salad or maybe a piece of fruit. But junk food is strictly a no go!

Importance of Breakfast: Most people don’t realize the importance of breakfast and therefore tend to skip it regularly.  Research has proven that people who skip breakfast are more prone to eating high calorie foods at night as compared to those who eat breakfast.