© Kevin Arnold via Getty Images

© Kevin Arnold via Getty Images

Unless you live in places like California, gone are the carefree days of summer when waking up with the sun meant extra time for running, walking, hiking, cycling and countless other activities that help you keep fit for the skin-bearing summer. Like it or not, we are in the middle of winter and the dreaded doldrums of winter – like snow, high winds and rain have crept in and literally taken over.

Not only that, the shorter days pose a threat to exercise and fitness routines in addition to the seasonal holidays that are filled with decadent dishes daring to tip the scales in the wrong direction. I’m sure you can relate.

Well all of that can dampen your spirits when it comes time for working out. Right? Well…maybe and maybe not. In climates where winter brings shorter days, longer nights and frigid temperatures, it’s easy to let exercise routines slip by the wayside.

But I say not to worry, because there are ways to keep motivation high and conquer those obstacles during the winter months. Here’s the deal…you don’t have to completely dodge indulgence, but sticking to a healthy plan of living can help you stay fit year-round.

Wendy’s Fabulous Fit Fax Tips!

No one can do it for you, choose to use your wingsTo emerge from the winter just as fit as you entered it, I want you to try the following tips to help you stay on track and keep motivation high. These are four of my favorites that I have used repeatedly to stay in shape.

    1. Join a fun exercise class. It may be difficult to get out of bed just to go to the gym and do the same old same old, but joining a new spin or yoga class can be just the change you need to keep you motivated.
    2. Invest in a stationary bike or treadmill. With winter come new episodes of your favorite prime time TV shows. Take advantage of the extra time spent watching television time by adding some exercise component. You can look forward to seeing how the plots and characters develop and stay fit.
    3. Hold on to the muscle you developed over the summer by doing some weight training exercises at home. You can do body weight exercises or with a couple of dumbbells get in a fast and complete workout. Make it fun by challenging yourself during TV commercials to see how many exercises you can complete.
    4. Control your portion sizes. Winter is packed with wonderful holiday traditions that naturally come with mouth-watering and calorie-rich foods. Don’t overdo it. After you fill your plate, divide your portions in half. Eat half and save the rest for another day. While you won’t be depriving yourself, you won’t be overdoing it either.

Now you know what to do. My fit fax tips, can guide you. You can stay fit this winter with no excuses necessary. So if you haven’t already, hunker down for the season and don’t forget about fun seasonal activities like snowshoeing, sledding and cross-country skiing.

commentNow think deep down…What is the biggest thing that has prevented you from working out on any given day aside from the winter months?