As you all know, I’m a big believer in taking back your life at any age. In fact, I’ve been called “America’s #1 Expert on Looking Fit, Fierce and Fabulous After 40.” I believe that helping women just like you is my true calling in his life. However, as a 65-year-old mom and grandmother, I understand the insecurities and doubts that can creep in as you get older. Those same doubts can keep you from taking action day after day, year after year. That’s why today is the day to kick those doubts to the curb, and start taking back your life one step at a time. One of the best ways to get started is changing your diet, and the way you think about food.

Why is changing your diet – and the way you view food – so important? Because so many of us have a complicated, and sometimes unhealthy, relationship with food. Food is wonderful. The foods we eat feed our bodies, allowing us to achieve our goals and achieve optimal levels of health and wellness. However, those same foods can contain harmful ingredients, excessive fats and sugars and other additives that harm our health and keep us from reaching those same goals.

Get What You Need From Food 

Our ideal relationship with food should be one of balance. Educate yourself on what your body needs, and at what age. Which nutrients are key, and why are they important? Your first dietary goal should be to get what your body needs to be its best. That means enough protein, enough fiber, enough calcium … you get the idea. No diet should ever reduce your food intake to the point that you aren’t getting the nutrients you need to thrive. 

Minimize What You Don’t Need

Once you’ve ensured that your diet is meeting your body’s needs, start focusing on minimizing the things you don’t need. Yogurt, for instance, is a great source of protein, calcium and helpful gut bacteria. If you like yogurt, take a look at the brand you currently enjoy. How many grams of sugar does it have per serving? How does it compare to other brands? Is there a healthier option you could try? Kefir, a drinkable yogurt, is often lower in sugar and has been used as part of healthy diets for hundreds of years.  

Leave Room for What You Love

A diet that is too strict, with no room for treating yourself, is one of the fastest ways to failure. While you may maintain a diet like this for a while, eventually you’ll start craving those favorite foods that you no longer allow yourself. Plus, if you do slip up and indulge, you’ll feel like you’ve failed, which makes you more likely to call it quits. So leave room for a little bit of what you love. There are many ways to do this – you can find a lower calorie alternative, or use portion control to keep track of how much you’re eating. Allow yourself a treat on the days you’ve worked especially hard at the gym, when you’ve burned enough calories to minimize the impact of your indulgence. And, lastly, enjoy! It IS okay to treat ourselves. It is NOT okay to binge eat ourselves into a coma.

At 65 years young, I know that it takes focus, dedication and discipline to live your best life regardless of age, and this includes a healthy and balanced approach to the foods you eat. Cleansing is also important. Cleanses give you more energy, focus, help you to absorb all the good nutrients u take in, helps to avoid illnesses and gets rid of body fat. In fact, there is a 30 day cleanse I use all quite oftenIf you’re interested in finding out more about the cleanse I use,  just send me an email.  

I love helping people change their relationship with food and fitness.  


Tell me, how have you changed your relationship with food. 

What strategies do you use to maintain a great relationship with the foods that nourish you?

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