wendy-beachAre you still on track this week with your goals? You know…the promises you made to yourself at the end of the year – more commonly known as New Year’s Resolutions. I always hear a lot of chatter in the gyms with the regulars, who we call gym rats, about how they hate when the gyms get so crowded in January and February because of the “New Year people.” What they also say is that they can’t wait for March to get here so the gym can clear, like it does each year, and they can hog up all the good stuff (machines) for themselves. They know those same “New Year” people generally give up, go home and stay there simply because they lose site of why they were there in the first place.

I say, don’t pay them any mind and by all means don’t let them win! Besides, it’s your gym too. Right? So don’t lose site now! You deserve this just as much as they do! Fight back by showing your presence regularly and just do your thing for you! Continue through all of March and the months to follow! Now if you are having trouble with your accountability or don’t know what to do next let me know and I will whip your booty into shape. Promise! ☺

It’s March and day light-savings time is here early this year! That means that spring is right around the corner, too. Use this month as a mile marker to get your second wind. Change it up this year so you can stick to the plan. Your plan, Your goals, Your dreams depend on it. Or don’t hesitate to contact me and I will show you how to re-invigorate yourself by finding that new something that will keep you on track and excited about making your vision a reality.

In the meantime, let me be the spark in your flame baby! Try out my new favorite moves in this video. It will ignite the fire within you once again! See the video below. But remember to keep it going long after the video ends because…

“Your spark can become a flame and change everything!”
– Ed Nixon

Wendy’s Fabulous Fit Fax Tips!

Start with some of these tips to keep it going in March and saddle up your shoelaces to really hit it hard now. You’ll be glad you did when summer gets here.

  1. Review your vision board to remember why you set new goals for yourself. If you don’t have one, make one and review it often especially when you are tempted to veer off to a less than healthy habit.
  2. Buddy up with a friend, co-worker or relative to keep you company this month and challenge each other in some of your activities.
  3. Add some new music to your selections to spice up your workouts.

Now you know what to do so go out and kick butt.

commentAre you still on track? If not, what actions have you chosen to take this year that will be different from last year to get you closer to the win? Let me know?