Have you lost your motivation to exercise or be active again? Has age got you cornered and life got you down, because you are just not feeling it? Well if so, let me provide some insight, because I’ve been there and done that. I know what it feels like, and I definitely know what it takes to come out of that funk also known as “stinking thinking”.

My stinking thinking was so bad that at times I almost gave up. I used to give so many excuses for not doing what I was physically or mentally capable of doing. At the time, I thought they were good reasons, because I was afraid and didn’t know how to get out of my own way.

I would say things like, “I’m too tired to workout” or “I have a headache”. Due to my lack of planning I’d say a string of things like, “I was so busy today and I got caught up in a meeting now I don’t have time to cook. I’ll just pick me up some Kentucky Fried Chicken,” which turned out to be nightly, by the way. Many times I would even say, “Whew… I had a tough week so let me celebrate tonight with a movie”. That only gave me the permission to buy pizzas, soda, ice cream, and popcorn. That was my thing. Then I would fall asleep in the middle of it all with a full belly feeling satisfied – well, at least until I woke up. Then I felt fat, guilty, and depressed. This was a continuing cycle for me.

Have you experienced any of these feelings? If you are one of those people like I was always making excuses, I want to give you what I needed at the time – Information and Motivation.

This is your year and its time to get a fresh start! So I am sending a little love and motivation your way to get you back on track. Just to get you jump-started and put a smile on your face dance with me! Just get lost in the movement and the music! It will make your body smile! Watch the video here→


Oh, one other excuse I have heard women say is, I’m too old. You are NOT too old! Forget about what your Momma used to say. It’s a new day and a new way! And you have to set a new precedence for that pathway. You CAN do this!

If you want to go to the next level, don’t forget you can also sign up for my group coaching starting this Saturday for some up close and personal advice on how to get your life back on track.

Motivation is literally the desire to do things. It is a crucial element in being able to attain your goals. Research shows that you can influence your own levels of motivation and self-control. Having said that, it can be a tricky thing, because motivation or lack of it weighs heavily on how you feel as opposed to what logic says. And there are ways to make it work in your favor as opposed to keeping you down, out of sync, fearful, sedentary, and sick all the time.

So to help you figure it out and power through to the point of being where you want to be and who you want to be in order to “Take Back Your Life”, begin with these tips:

Fabulous Fit Fax!

  1. Change your routine often – Develop a workout routine where you are doing something different everyday.
  2. Set small specific goals – Its okay to set a goal of where you want to be this time next year, but don’t make the mistake of stopping there. Break it down into smaller pieces like monthly, weekly, and even daily milestones.
  3. Post a photo – Find a person or body type of where you aspire to be and post it up in a place where you cannot miss seeing it everyday. It will serve as a reminder and keep you on track.

What are your thoughts? Have you ended your stinking thinking and excuses? Were you able to follow along with me on the video? Did you keep going after the video ended? Remember it’s only to get you up off your butt and get you started. Feel free to post your comments below: