Spring is here already and it’s bathing suit season. Yes, it has sneaked up on you again! So let’s crank up the body and shift into gear if you haven’t done so already.

Winter kind of takes it’s toll on you especially in the Eastern parts of the country. People are generally more sedentary and tend to find comfort on a regular basis with a warm blanket or warm body and some hot cocoa as a coping tool. But, it packs on the pounds BIG TIME! I’ve been there and done that believe me! I grew up on the East Coast.

Here’s the good news! IT’S NOT TOO LATE! Yes, there’s still time to get your body out of hibernation and out on the beach! But you’ve got to push through the rest of this month and into the next to keep your body in motion. Don’t worry…I’m with you all the way!

In fact, let me re-ignite the fire under your butt with this video.

Warning the video will end after a few minutes, but that is your cue to keep going! ☺

Now is the time to make things happen! Now is what matters! Now you can change your body and “TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE!”

Are you in? THEN LETS DO THIS!


Lets stay on track with these small adjustments. Remember every little step you take winds up being a HUGE JUMP! That means significant improvements for you!

  1. Watch the video included in this section and work with me.
  2. Find a trainer or coach that will design a custom weight-training program for you. Here’s what it should include:
    1. A core program design that will engage your entire body.
    2. Instruction on proper form and technique to avoid injury and assist you functionally.
    3. Scheduled flexibility exercises that fit your lifestyle
  3. Cut your meal portion amounts by ONLY 25% this month.

commentSo are you ready? If so great! If not, why not? What’s holding you down?