Most people these days are familiar with the importance of losing or maintaining weight. All of us know that junk food, over eating and late night snacking are key factors that help in either gaining or losing weight. But only a few of us know the importance of our mood and the role it plays in weight gain or loss. A typical example is if you are stressed, you might tend to not eat at all. Or if you are having a hectic day you might choose to feed your exhaustion or mood with junk food. To help you avoid those traps, let me give you a few key points that can help better your mood — which can directly lead to weight loss.
Aromatherapy has proven to be of great help when it comes to soothing your mood and weight loss. Aromas that can help you in soothing your nerves are orange, peppermint, vanilla and grapefruit. So have these oils with you and pour a few drops in a handkerchief.  Then whenever you’re not feeling so great, just sniff the handkerchief. It will calm your nerves and sooth your mood. Then perhaps you won’t eat out of stress.
Avoid Negative Company
Every person has an aura of energy, if you are surrounded by people who are stressed, tense or confused then you are more likely to be influenced by their energy as well.  It can change your mood and quite possibly prevent you from reaching your health and fitness goals.  So if these kinds of people surround you, then it is important to limit their presence and try to surround yourself with people who emit positive energy. Once you have healthier energy and your mood is better, you are more likely to stick with your goals.
Think Positive
In life, it’s your attitude that plays the biggest role in being an achiever.  If you have doubts or think you may fail, then you probably will.  It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Somewhere along the way you sabotage your plans, goals and yourself.  On the other hand if you embark on a weight loss campaign with a “Can Do” attitude you’re more likely to achieve what you set out to do. So think positive and it will soothe your mood. It will also help you to live in the moment while accomplishing each task successfully and therefore create a winning outcome.
The New “You”
To stay motivated and in good spirits envision what you would look like after you lose weight.   Find an old picture of yourself that you wish to resemble once again or a current day hero you want to look like.  Once you set that image in your head, imagine what you will be wearing and even how you will smell in it.  You can even make or buy an outfit in a smaller size to serve as a reward when you reach your goal weight.  This will help you de-stress and keep you motivated towards your goal.
So the next time you decide to set new weight loss goals try to adopt some of these tips and tricks to render you a higher success rate.  While medical and genetic history can play a part in weight gain or loss there is also no doubt that mood is a proven mainstay and directly proportional to your weight loss. The more you keep calm, the more you will have control over your weight!