Spring is finally in full swing, and as the weather warms and the flowers bloom, Easter is fast approaching. While the day is filled with family togetherness, thankfulness, and egg hunts, those of us who are working to improve our health and wellness often have to deal with something else – figuring out how to eat healthy for the holiday.

Easter Eating Tips You Can Use

The obvious step here is to avoid all those chocolates and sugary candies, but I’ve noticed that there are plenty of other meals on the menu for Easter feasts that may not be as healthy as your body deserves. Because of this, I think it’s time to take a quick look at some of the best tips to help you get through this holiday. Here are some key points to remember.

Find alternatives wherever you can. Instead of traditional waffles and syrup for lunch, why not use a vegan friendly recipe like carrot cake waffles instead? Opt out of those sodium filled meats and focus on nuts or tofu as lean proteins, too. Swapping out some things can help dramatically.

Use shakes or smoothies to avoid the urge to munch on all the sweet treats that are so readily available.

Shop smart and avoid stocking your home with anything that you shouldn’t be indulging in. There are plenty of great Easter basket options for kids that don’t involve chocolate, and thus won’t bring chocolate into your home where it can tempt you.

The bottom line is simple – just keep focused on your goals and maintain a healthy nutrition plan. Eat smart and follow your plan and you’ll get through Easter feasts without any trouble and keep working towards your ultimate fitness goals.

Until next time, stay fit!

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