cardiogroupHope you had a great Memorial Day weekend! I noticed there was something different and really magical for me this particular holiday more than other Memorial day weekends and it made me smile. It all started as I tried to find a park on my way to the gym. When I entered the gym the activity was electric and full of life and bodies. Not only that, but you could feel the positive attitudes, happy laughter and absence of stress on peoples face. Zumba classes were filled to capacity, cardio machines all busy and weights were a popp’in. It was totally awesome! I mean it’s so nice to feel the positive energy flowing like that from people all striving for the same thing – to achieve their best bodies, best health and best life.

I know, I know what you are going to say. Well of course people were in the gym because lots of folks don’t have to work that day. Well let’s look at the bright side of it. They could have been somewhere else on their day off doing much worse things. So it’s a great start to making changes in your life that really count. My mission would be to show them how to hang in there and continue this behavior long after going back to work. But the simple fact that people choose to come to the gym on their off day is a good thing. I’m just giving credit where it is due.

It’s become clear to me that more people then ever before are sick and freaking tired of feeling bad, being invisible and feeling like life and their dreams as a result is passing them by. Some are doing something about it and others don’t know what to do about it so they sit and ponder.

I say with love to those people who ponder. Don’t create more anxiety and depression for yourself by sitting on your hands because it won’t go away unless you stand up, take charge and make significant changes. On the other hand, what I do know for sure is that it is difficult for many people to get up and take charge on their own and stay at it when emotional needs, stress and lifestyle have got you down.

If you are shut down and don’t know what to do next get the support you need to succeed. Seek out someone you trust that can get you the right information, keep you motivated, hold your hand and keep you accountable to insure you make long-term lifestyle changes.

The bottom line is that you CAN feel better, live longer, have the body you want and make a difference in the world. You DON’T have to always be in pain, feel sick or slow down because you’re past the age of 40. Age is not a factor or an excuse!

You have HUGE control over your situation. You just have to know how to use it.

Wendy’s Fit Fax Tips!

Statistics show and prove that people are living longer as a result of being more conscious of their health, but so many more need assistance. Start here by getting real with these tips:

  1. Get real and get rid of the “I want it now mentality.” It’s never going to happen for you otherwise. Any healthy and significant changes take time and patience.
  2. Develop an operating system. Pick which days of the week and optimal times you will workout each week on your calendar. Label it something like an important meeting with yourself. If you really want to get this system down start with only one or two days so its not stressful and grow from there.
  3. Find your best source of accountability. This is key because most people fall off the wagon right here. Find someone who not only can help you get going, but stay going until you understand how your body works. Get some basics as well as learn how the mind, body and nutrition work together. It could be a buddy or family member to get you started, but its also important to find a trusted mentor, coach or fitness professional to guide you to your goal for the long haul.

commentHave you found the guidance, help or support you need to succeed yet?