Do you feel the urge to reach for things in the refrigerator when it gets dark? Even though you’ve had a fulfilling dinner but still you can’t resist the temptation of eating late at night. It’s one of the worst dilemmas which diet conscious individuals face. Eating late at night is generally not due to hunger, but instead it could be due to things like boredom, fatigue or stress after a long day at work. Breaking this habit is tough enough but there are some things you can do that will help you rid yourself of late night eating forever.

Distract yourself: Usually late night eating is between your dinner and bed time. It’s really important during this time that you participate in what I call distracting activities. Do some activity, take your dog for a walk, read a good book or rest in a hot tub. Whatever you do just don’t sit idle or in front of the TV. Because sitting and doing nothing will trigger your urge for eating.

Eat Regular Meals: Most dieters eat three meals a day and try to resist the temptation of snacking between meals or after dinner. To keep your body working properly and remain satisfied eat three nutritiously balanced meals and two small snacks. In general people starve themselves by skipping meals because they got busy during the day or just got caught up for one reason or another. Then they compensate for it by indulging in late night eating. The important thing to remember is never to eat three hours before your bedtime.