When you’re cuddled up to watch the latest thriller, and your heart rate jumps, and you jump right along with it while the bad guy pops out from behind the creaky door, that’s the good kind of scary!  It’s the kind that’s full of laughter and full of fun during this spooky season. 

But there’s also another kind of more serious scary. It’s the kind that stops you from being all you’re really meant to be!

Boo! Don’t Be Scared This Spooky Season

This Halloween season, let’s focus on that first scary instead of the second one! When it comes to the scary that throws a wrench in your goals, or makes you think that you’re not capable of doing something, that’s the bad guy you have to defeat in real life. It’s your life, and you’re meant to be living it YOUR way, not the way the obstacles are trying to limit you to living.

When real fear starts to get out of control, it can really take over your life without you even realizing it. Pretty soon you’ll know in your subconscious mind that you’re being held back, even if you don’t want to admit that it’s the fear doing it’s best work to get to you. Fear is a challenge, and you’ve got to beat it if you want to get back on your own track!

The best thing you can do about the bad fear is to notice it early and defeat it while it’s still small. For this reason, it’s really important to prioritize taking back your life, and to keep your eyes on the prize!.

Because…There is no challenge you cannot overcome, there is nothing too scary to stop” you from accepting your real happiness, and I assure you that taking back your life is the way to get there! Build your vision board, practice mindfulness, nourish your spiritual, mental, and physical self, and pretty soon you’ll see that there is no fear in this world that can defeat you! 

Bam!  You get what I’m saying?

Don’t let this Halloween season deter you from your goals. Do you boo! 🙂 and contact me today to see how we can keep you on the straight and narrow.


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Boo! Don’t Be Scared This Spooky Season