As you know I just had a birthday and I’m still so excited about it because I’m just grateful to be able to breathe another day, another month and another year to continue my mission.

I work consistently on myself to make sure that each day I live and breathe is a quality day.  One of the things I know that really makes that possible is flexibility exercises.  Regardless of your age it’s important and it becomes essential for good functioning and mobility as we age.

Flexibility is about mobility and being able to move your joints through their full range of motion. It’s what allows you to effectively perform functional movements such as squatting, lunging, pushing, pulling, rolling, stretching. These are all basic movements that we perform in our workout sessions, as well as in everyday life. Flexibility exercises help us ensure that we can do these movements well, without the risk of injury.

Why You Should Add Mobility Exercises To Your Workout

It helps to improve…your strength, balance, and range of motion and prevent injury. 

Flexibility exercises are great to do as a warm-up, cool down, and on your rest days because they are low intensity.

Whether you’re a veteran fitness buff or a beginner, focusing on improving your mobility will give you more confidence in your body’s ability to handle exercises. It will also help you increase your faith in your capacity to change and become stronger.

This is especially true when you’re just at the very start of your fitness journey, where you need the confidence to keep on going even when results take a little longer to show. 

Also, don’t forget that In every fitness journey, it’s important to build on a strong physical, emotional and mental foundation that will allow you to progress into more advanced exercises and challenges. 

Concentrating on quality of life, mobility and the desire to stay independent as we age flexibility exercises will allow you to notice and appreciate what your body can do and the small improvements you can achieve each day.

Take it from me.  That feels super rewarding and SUPER FABULOUS!


My Fav Quote This Month – 

“You must tell yourself – no matter how hard it is, or how hard it gets, I’m going to make it.” – Les Brown