When I ask my clients about their goals, a slimmer waist is almost always on the top of the list. Whether you want a smaller waist or six pack abs, that means working your core. The core itself however, is much more in depth than one may think. In fact it should be your primary focus.

Why The Core Is Important

Working your abs and strengthening your core muscles is more beneficial than just looking good in a dress! The core is the center of your body and it controls everything! If it’s not strong and healthy it’s difficult to do anyting at all without pain or discomfort. 

If you’ve ever had a back injury (I surely have) you know what I mean. Whether you are trying to sit, walk, stand, or lay down – NOTHING is comfortable. 

Do you work at a desk, sitting down all day or are you in a car all day driving?

Well think about this…

After hunching over a keyboard, answering phones, or driving Uber cars or buses all day, statistics show that you may likely have backaches after you get home and overtime will develop back problems as a result.

Everything you can do to strengthen and tone radiates throughout your body in so many wonderful ways.

Strengthening your core straightens your spine and fights that end-of-day fatigue. A healthy back reinforces good posture, which is just as important as a smaller waist when you want to exude confidence and look good!

Core strength also helps to ensure that your whole body is prepared to take on more strenuous exercises and having a strong center protects you from injury while preserving your health!

Of course, the first step to better abs is always “pushing away”, meaning saying no to sugars, bad carbs, and seconds, but your daily workout is key as well. Once you begin to move and work out your core, you’ll find that you have an abundance of new and revitalized energy!

Everyday tasks, housework, and fun activities won’t be as draining or exhausting as they may seem without a tight core on your side. Use that new found energy to grow your business, improve your relationships, or create new possibilities for yourself.

Then every chance you get hang with me! Let’s run it out (or walk it out) and do some seated leg raises to keep those muscles toned! And remember, do what you can, ease into it, and make sure that you practice everyday!

That being said…check out my latest video. 

Why The Core Is Important