Do You Feel Sluggish and Don’t Know Why?

Do You Feel Sluggish and Don’t Know Why?

women-at-work-mid-termIs your energy a 10 yet? I sent you a video last week to re-ignite that spark you had in the beginning of the year. You know…the healthy new goals you set for yourself. I hope you were motivated to move along with me in the video and keep it going long after. Well, the idea is to stay focused on your goals by powering through March like you’re on a mission. Because the next time you blink people will be walking around in bathing suits, and I know you want to be there too. I know you do.

Like Michael Jackson says, “I wanna be where you are oh! I wanna be where you are oh oh!” ☺

I know, I know…I can hear you saying: “Easier said than done”. Right? I get that. Sometimes it goes a little deeper than merely saying, “Just do it” (like Nike says). Well let’s explore why it’s harder for some folks.

The fact is, so many people, especially this winter, are moving slowly and wondering why they don’t have energy. They have no energy to get out of bed, exercise, do their job, or go the extra mile. They just don’t feel up to doing much of anything let alone exercising. Am I peeping your card?

If this sounds like you, one of many reasons could be the culprit. Poor nutrition, lack of exercise, chronic stress, and some medications are examples of big energy sappers. So, it’s important to put yourself in check with these things first to fix the sluggish behavior. If that doesn’t do the trick, plan a visit to your doctor to get more answers.

There are so many other things that could make you sluggish. Something more unusual that has come to my attention recently, which also saps your energy, is “leaky gut syndrome” (LGS). It is still a bit of a medical mystery and difficult to diagnose, but could be something else to check into if you are still experiencing low or no energy. Other symptoms of LGS besides the aches, pains and energy loss are bloating, cramping and gas. According to Dr. Linda A. Lee, Gastroenterologist and director of the John Hopkins Integrative Medicine and Digestive Center, studies have shown that some of the causes of “leaky gut syndrome” are stress related along with lifestyle and nutrition being huge contributors.

The message here is, to be careful and address any issues immediately, because if anything goes untreated, all of these things can compound and lead to other things if you don’t address what’s going on and how you are feeling.

Don’t think that feeling tired and sluggish is normal. And don’t think that it’s your age that makes you feel tired either. That’s just in your head. So get out of your head, get out of bed, and let’s get busy!

Wendy’s Fabulous Fit Fax Tips!

do thisTo get you started try some of the following things. You won’t feel sluggish once you do the repairs your body needs.

  1. Remove foods and components that are damaging and replace with better choices one food item at a time. (For example, replace soda with ice tea, ice cream for yogurt, etc.)
  2. Add healing foods – Stay close to or eat raw and organic foods whenever possible. Many regular grocery stores now have an organic section that is generally better priced than places like Whole Foods.
  3. Reduce stress – Meditation is a great source for controlling stress. Also, get more sleep, have more fun, and get your groove on.

So let the healing begin so we can get you up and moving again!

Feel free to contact me if you need support or have any questions.

commentMy question to you is:
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