You know people always tell me that I inspire them. That’s great and I love it. It’s a part of my mission, my purpose and who I am.

Perhaps the best inspiration to get fit and stay fit is seeing the women who are accomplishing their goals! But, it doesn’t matter whether it is something they saw me do, heard me say or read about, the fact is that they have been moved and awakened in some way to do more or be more in their life. When that happens you have to pay attention and follow that up.

I believe nothing happens by mistake and everything happens for a reason even though we may not always understand it at the time. In other words a beautiful gift doesn’t always arrive in the way you would expect it, but if you are open to the possibilities, if you are present and if you have a little patience you will hear the message and follow that lead.

I was invited to a meeting presentation the other day and I was asked to stand and say a few words. So I did for just a few minutes. When the meeting was over I spoke with a lady who had met me at one of my previous speaking events. The first thing she said to me was, “You’ve inspired me before and now you’ve inspired me again!” That lead me to believe that although she had been inspired the first time, she had not used it to her advantage. I was right. So my response to her was: “What’s holding you back?” I said, “Don’t be afraid. You are capable. You can do this.”

The intention is to give you some tools to work with and help you understand that you are capable of being more then you already are and that you can free your mind of any perceived limitations.

If you have been inspired by me or anyone else, it’s a wake up call for you to take another step towards improving your life. That is my wish for you! Shift into 2nd gear immediately by taking some action to reach your goals and make some things actually change. Don’t sit back and think about it any longer. Finally get your health, your body and your life in order. If you can’t do it alone, never be afraid to ask for help or get support. Sometimes that’s all it takes.

Wendy’s Fit Fax Tips!

You know what? I am over the moon when I see the magic happen for you as it did for me. In other words I get really excited when you manage to accomplish a wealth of happiness for yourself through reaching your mind, body and spirit goals.

Let inspiration move you by taking some of these actions:

  1. Join that spin class, learn something new or follow up on getting that degree you’ve always wanted.
  2. Don’t be afraid to cease running in those old familiar circles and doing the same things over and over again.
  3. Seek support, ask for help or hire a professional to help you get to where you want to go.

commentWhen was the last time you took it to the next level after being inspired?