Hi Everybody!

Thanks for all the love & inquires I’ve been getting! Special shout out to your support in the United Kingdom!

There has been an overwhelming response requesting information on my coaching programs, boot camps, book signings, personal advice and where I will show up next for speaking engagements and demonstrations.  Just want to let you know that because of your requests we’re going to have autographed books available here on the website soon.  In the meantime, the best place to get your autographed copy of my book is at my next event.  You can find out all about that on my events page of the website.  When you come, bring your smile with you and I will give you an autographed copy right on the spot.

 Otherwise stay tuned right here on my website by visiting my products page for further news about my other services such as: boot camps, kickboxing and exercise DVDs, Virtual training programs and coaching programs you can access anywhere in the world.

Thank you again for your support!!!

 Just keep smiling, stay fit & always remember:

“It’s Never Too Late to Take Back Your Life”