Happy Thanksgiving!!

Yep we made it!  It’s on like popcorn! 😊. I’m talking about the holidays! 

Thanksgiving’s right around the corner but it’s going to look a little different from what we’re used to this year. I know it’s tough. But stay with me and hang in there.

Traditions will be put on hold and we’re definitely gonna miss some happy faces running around our houses.  Ohhh I’m already feeling it BIG TIME! Because let’s face it during the holidays we all look forward to happy times and laughter with our families. For me I believe that is what grounds me, restores me and then charges me up for the year ahead. 

But as they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry. We’ve gotta remember our health and safety precautions to keep ourselves and our families healthy and free from the impending doom and gloom of this pandemic. This is especially true for us that are a little older. Yes, we might be strong and healthy, but that doesn’t mean we’re not susceptible to that monster out there.

Now, that doesn’t mean we’ll just sulk around at our tables all alone either. There are ways! Like I’ve told you tons of times before, THERE ARE ALWAYS WAYS!

And here are some ways that might trigger your creativity for this very different holiday season…

1. Determine What You Are Comfortable Doing

Before starting, you need to assess your personal needs and your own comfort levels. Though it will be hard, if we do not feel confident attending a planned gathering in person, then we can make plans to join virtually instead. If we do feel comfortable, then we must define what safety means to us and communicate that to our families and friends.

2. Establish Some Ground Rules

Talk with your family and friends now about what you can do together to reduce the risk for everyone, so you can confidently meet in person. 

Think about doing a group quarantine before the holiday or having all the guests get a test right before the event. Also make sure that you review the latest recommendations of the medical community on what safety measures to take when you do gather and follow those guidelines. Make sure everyone who is planning on attending understands the ground rules and is comfortable with the safety measures.

3. Think Outside Of The Box

There are a lot of ways that you can reduce your risk if you think differently about how to celebrate. For example you could share your meal outside instead of at the dining table. You could also move away from family style and do individual plates. You could spread the seating out to meet the six foot distance, so that even though you are not sharing a table, you’re still sharing a space. You could even wear masks to gather and take a plate home to eat separately. There are so many ways to do this, you just have to get creative.

4. Order or Send Food and Other Gifts. 

For me part of the enjoyment of the holiday is cooking the meal. I love it so much! But maybe that’s because I only REALLY get into a lot of cooking once a year on thanksgiving!  Ha ha lol.

But, on the other hand a great way to cut yourself some slack and support local businesses around your area is to consider picking up some food from your local restaurants. You can also order specialty foods online–yes, even turkey! You’ll only have to reheat them and voila, dinner’s ready!

This whole online ordering and food delivery won’t only benefit you. You can also send your loved ones who are not with you something special like a gift basket. That way, you can make them feel like you’re there.

And why not send something you made yourself? Now wouldn’t that be even more special? If you really can’t stop yourself from cooking a great meal or baking some goodies during the holidays, send a Thanksgiving care package over to your family members and friends as well.

5. Donate

This Thanksgiving won’t be the same for other people, especially those who have lost their loved ones and those who are having a hard time in terms of their financials. So why not try a different tradition with your entire family? Talk to an organization and find out how you can help this Thanksgiving.

Planning for the holidays can be rough in normal times, but they are going to be exceptionally difficult this year. However, if we start planning now and bring our “can-do spirit,” we can still enjoy Thanksgiving with our families. Start today and remember, there is no challenge that we can’t overcome. 

Just because we’re apart doesn’t mean we’re not together. 

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

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Thanksgiving is all about sharing! Share the gift of health and safety by creating new traditions and continue taking care of yourself.



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Quote Of The Day – 
“Be thankful for what you have. Your life, no matter how bad you think it is, is someone else’s fairytale.”  – Wale Ayeni