Can you feel the love in the air? I’m feelin’ it…oh yes I am!

February represents a time for romance and recommitting to love.

Why not celebrate with some self-love first by rekindling that New Year’s spark you had to get back into shape? Eat a fresh, healthy meal, hit a fun workout, and take time for self-reflection and rest. 

Spoil yourself with love and care! You deserve it!

February is also Black History Month and shows the incredible contributions of Black Americans. 

Did you know that it was a black woman who pioneered the concept of self-care, Audre Lorde. Audre Lorde was a writer, poet, and activist who championed self-care, intersectionality, and social justice in her work.

Lorde introduced the concept of self-care in her profound essay, “A Burst of Light.” In it, she intimately recounts her poignant journey with breast cancer and emphasizes the significance of self-care and self-love for marginalized individuals. 

Lorde argues that self-care is not just a personal necessity but a radical act of self-preservation and resistance against societal oppression. Through her candid narrative, she spotlighted the inherent strength and resilience required to navigate both the physical and emotional tribulations of illness while existing within systems of discrimination. 

Sadly, after a hard-fought battle, Lorde lost her fight with cancer in 1992. 

However, her work had an immense impact on the world and introduced millions to the powerful idea of self-care. Today, her writing continues to inspire people to prioritize their well-being and advocate for social change to ensure every individual can live a healthy life.

Audre Lorde’s powerful advocacy for self-care reminds us that sustaining our health goals IS a LIFELONG JOURNEY!

If January slipped away along with your New Year’s Resolutions, or as I like to say…NEW YEAR GOALS – No Worries! February also offers the perfect opportunity to recommit to your health goals. While you’re doing that, I urge you to pay attention to that demon called, self-sabotage. 

Check this out:  80% of people give up their New Year’s resolutions by February. The biggest reason for so many quitting? Self-sabotage. Self-sabotage leads to skipping workouts, overeating, and neglecting rest, which counteracts your progress.

So why do so many people sabotage themselves?

Self-sabotage is deep-rooted in your psyche. Fundamentally, it comes from a lack of self-love and care. A lack of self-love can lead to a very limiting mindset. 

Self-sabotage takes many forms, including: negative self-talk, fear of failure unrealistic, goals, and more are the culprit.

When facing these mental barriers, it’s tough to focus on getting back into shape. You have to start by addressing your self-sabotaging behaviors, which means learning to love yourself.

This February, treat yourself to a life with unending possibilities. Treat yourself to health, happiness, and love. 

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A setback is no reason to give up your fitness goals. You don’t need a New Year to have a new you. You just need a new mindset and maybe a little boost from me. 😊