I’m concerned so I just gotta ask…Are you nurturing your whole self these days? 

It’s never a bad thing to focus on making our bodies strong and healthy, but what’s important is that we never forget to take care of our mental health too! We can nurture our whole selves and embrace who we truly are if we can balance our mental and physical health. After all, loving ourselves starts with us.

I know that life has many exciting things and challenges in store for us, but when we nurture our mind and body, we can accomplish anything. What I do to balance my mental and physical health is to work out regularly, eat nutritious food, and give myself enough rest. More importantly, I remind myself why mental and physical health are both important so I will stay inspired and motivated.

Here are some critical reasons why you, too, should focus on your mental and physical health.

  1. So You Can Focus Better – Others say that when we age, it gets hard to focus on simple tasks. We may be adding numbers to our years, but the real secret to maintaining our focus on things is by having a healthy mind and body. These two are connected and the healthy things we do to keep our bodies healthy also nurture our minds. For example, exercising makes us also mentally stronger because it helps us shake off stress. When we’re not stressed, we can think clearer and focus better. Don’t let your age make you think that you are becoming a slow thinker.
  1. Fight The Stress Away – When we have a healthy mind and body, we can better deal with stress. We are not easily shaken when something challenging and unexpected comes our way. Being mentally and physically strong lets us keep a positive mindset that will help us overcome anything. 
  1. Do Things Your Own Way – Don’t let anyone stop you from achieving what you want. With a strong physical body, you will feel lighter and more confident that you can do anything. Strong mental health will help you stay motivated, passionate, and prepared for any challenge. You will develop a deeper trust in yourself and realize you are unstoppable! 
  1. Love Yourself With All Your Heart – The most important thing about having balanced mental and physical health is that we learn to really love everything about ourselves. Negative thoughts have no chance of destroying all our hard work because we know how to fight stress, we are confident, and we can achieve anything.

Take in each day, and each moment you experience to energize your soul and keep your balance to maintain your mental health. Connect with yourself on a deeper level. What matters to you the most? Everything in our lives is connected, and to maintain health and happiness, we must take care of each facet of our lives.

Do what you are good at and what you are passionate about.  Do what brings you joy and you will find yourself on the path to a happier life. 

Once you find the right balance, it must be maintained. Use targeted exercises that can help your health physically while also allowing you to stay strong mentally and maintain brain health.

Finding the right balance for our wellness will lead to more satisfaction in life and greater well-being.



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My Fav Quote This Month – 

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” – John Rohn