It’s been challenging for me but I’m holding it down. Let’s stay prayed up together, push through these unprecedented times together and this too shall pass. Let’s send strong messages and positive vibes into the universe and take unshakably bold and brave moves (Actions) to get through what’s ahead – a  flu season like no other, elections like no other AND protecting ourselves like no other – as we head into this fourth quarter.  

Let me show you how to stay busy and motivated during the holidays

Yes yes and the holidays are here already.  Yeah, let’s talk about that. Oh, and let me add that to the list – it will be the holidays like no other 😊. That should make you smile though (makes me smile). If it doesn’t, smile anyway and work on your creative skills.  That’s what I’m doing. That’s how I stay busy and motivated. I believe that is what this time in our history was meant for. 

First up is Halloween for the kiddies. But whether you celebrate Halloween or not, this year will be a bit of a challenge since most of the Halloween traditions like trick or treating and costume parties are not social distancing-friendly. But keep in mind we don’t have to give those up; we just have to find creative ways to celebrate. We can still have plenty of fun if we think outside of the box.

I’ve been doing just that and I’ve got a lot of ideas, but I’ll just give you three.

1. Do a Halloween Movie Night

Nothing will put you in the mood for Halloween like a spooky movie. Whether you love a classic horror film like “Halloween” or prefer something slightly more wholesome like “Hocus Pocus,” make an event out of it this year. There are a lot of streaming platforms where you and your friends and family members can watch a movie together while staying safely apart. You can even turn it into a theme night and have everyone dress up as characters from the movie.

2. Make A Spooky Video E-Card

If you had big plans for your costume this year, you can still dress up even if you are not going out. Get together with your family and plan a video e-card. You can reenact a scene from your favorite horror film or write your own spooky story. Afterward, share the video with your friends, family, and even your followers on social media. People will get to see your amazing costumes, and you will spread some Halloween fun.

3. Consider A Gift To Charity

This is MY personal favorite!  Traditionally, we don’t really think of Halloween as a holiday for charity. However, with so many people struggling this year, it is a great opportunity to find ways to help. Talk to some of your local nonprofits and see if they are doing anything special for Halloween that you can support. There are also a lot of amazing charities that accept candy donations. So instead of preparing for trick-or-treaters like you normally would, you can give Halloween candy away to children in need or our troops overseas. 

Now I don’t really celebrate Halloween, but I’ll find any excuse these days to connect with people, to party or stay active. And since my kids are older and my grandkids will be practicing some of my “think out of the box” ideas, here’s what I’m doing.

I’m putting on my tennis outfit, (I’ll call it a costume for Halloween) traveling to my backyard and I’m swinging away all month long. Been thinking outside the box on that too and…I’ve been getting in some GREAT cardio!  It’s Wendy style cardio!  Lol. 😊 But don’t judge, just hang out with me instead.  You might just like it. 


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No one said we have to live drab lives because of this crazy pandemic, but you do have to stay SAFE and stay ACTIVE!

So put on your thinking cap, start some new traditions this year and… Let’s play tennis baby!

Monitoring your progress can be EXACTLY what you need to keep yourself on track!! 
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Quote Of The Day – 
“Magic is really very simple, all you’ve got to do is want something and then let yourself have it.” – Aggie Cromwell