Many people gain approximately 7 to 10 pounds over the Holiday which often becomes permanent over time. The trend is that after the Holiday people continue to gain 1 to 2 pounds a month which may appear harmless until you realize at the end of the year you have gained more than 25 or 30 pounds. Do the math and think about that happening year after year…

Here are three things I do to avoid that happening…

1. Engage in a vigorous workout before breakfast
2. Afterwards eat a light meal -Oatmeal w/raisins & protein
3. Continue to eat every 3 hours till dinner w/plenty of water
4. At dinner eat what I want but only what a small (not Big) dinner plate will hold
5. Throw away or give away any fattening leftovers so I’m not tempted to eat them.

What will you do to avoid the Holiday trap this year?