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What are your plans this Easter? Church, dinner or just chilling at home. Have you even thought about it yet? If you have kids or grandchildren well you probably have. If you don’t have that responsibility perhaps its all about you and that’s cool too, but whoever or whatever your plans are don’t let yet another Holiday take you off track from the promises you made yourself at the beginning of the year. Here are some healthier alternatives!

Easter is one of the big holidays on the horizon, and every year stores sell billions of dollars’ worth of chocolate. But let’s face it – chocolate isn’t exactly the best thing you can eat when you’re focusing on your health and wellbeing. As such, it’s worth taking a look at some chocolate alternatives this year. You can still have an Easter treat, but that doesn’t mean it has to be chocolate.

Here are a few of my favorite options when you want a healthier alternative:

•    Nut Butter And Fruit – Apples and peanut butter, almond butter and bananas, and plenty of other options are worth considering.

•    Fruit Snacks – I’m not talking about those synthetic preservative filled snacks. Look for organic, healthy fruit snacks or check out online recipes to learn how to make your own. 

•    Carrots and Hummus – Carrots provide plenty of nutrition and hummus is a fitness favorite. Plus, the Easter Bunny loves carrots!

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Get creative with your Easter basket this year and focus on healthier alternatives. You’ll feel and look better as a result.

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How will you plan your Easter to make it a healthy one? I want to know!