Are you ready to kick off this holiday season? I SURE AM!

Bring out your inner Queen BeyWith Thanksgiving coming up, I have so much to be thankful for this year. I’m thankful for my loved ones, I’m thankful for waking up every single day with a well body and a smile on my face, and I’m thankful for YOU. This is a time to reflect, show thanks, and be inspired by whoever inspires you to be the very best that you can be! 

I’m excited for all the fun, family, friends, and festivities–in moderation, of course! Holidays or not, I always keep my health a priority. How about you?

What was extra exciting for me this holiday season was the Beyoncé tours. Even though I wasn’t able to attend in person, I have been connected to all of her events because I have friends in the industry who keep me in touch with what’s going on and I also follow her on social media. It’s been so exciting!

Her shows were electrifying! Everyone looked and felt incredible, mirroring all the positive energy like a “giant disco ball.” 

During her Virgo season tour this year, she asked all of her fans to wear silver or chrome to her concerts as a birthday gift. Beyoncé loves silver and chrome because they mirror energy and reflect light, bringing so much positivity to a space. Wearing all silver also helped the Bey-hive feel really connected to one another, bringing even more positive energy. 

But here’s where I connect with her the most. SHE KEEPS IT REAL! She’s not just a pretty picture. She is a businesswoman and philanthropist. She really cares about people and making a positive impact. 

Also…Did you know she has a great workout regimen too? Yeah, she didn’t wake up that way or instantly snap back into shape after having those babies. She works out diligently when not on stage.

Her approach to fitness is similar to mine. Beyoncé focuses on fast, effective workouts and builds physical fitness into her everyday life. Using a killer combination of high-energy cardio and strength training, it’s aged her backward and has allowed her to outdance and outperform anyone in the game.

I can relate. We both believe challenges are opportunities, that your health is the key to a good life and keeping the body in motion can be fast and fun. The combination of positivity and physical fitness cannot be beaten for transforming your life. 

This holiday season, instead of stressing out and binge eating conjure up your inner Queen Bey and shake it loose in front of a mirror for 20 minutes – I mean dance, thrust, go nuts, and then add in your own moves to a Beyoncé song. 

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I’ll help you get on track and stay on track, no matter the holiday temptations! 

Have an amazing Thanksgiving!

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