The health club you choose can either be a major deterrent or motivate you to keep coming back and stay for longer periods of time.  So be careful when making your selection.  

 A major factor to start with is first being realistic with yourself.  Know what you are looking for in the first place. Some gyms cater more to athletes and body builders. Some cater to women only. In other gyms more socializing is going on than anything else, but that could be good if you’re looking to meet new friends.  If you have a busy lifestyle or the type of work you do has non traditional hours, you may need to have access twenty-four hours a day to work in your exercise routine.  Location also plays a major role in your drive to exercise. You simply will not be consistent if where you want to exercise is not convenient. 

 Once you find the right health club for your initial needs.  Be sure to choose a club based on your personal needs too.  Do your homework before you join to make sure it’s a good fit.  Ask yourself some of the following questions to help you make that final decision.  

  1.  Is staff supportive and customer friendly?
  2. Are new or certain types of equipment important to you?   
  3. Are group exercises important?  If so what kind?   
  4. Is the gym clean and/or do they have enough staff cleaning often enough? 
  5.  Is the equipment well maintained or off putting to you because of too many “out of order” signs? 
  6. Do they have an open policy for welcoming comments and suggestions? 
  7. Are they on the cutting edge or do they offer the same classes all the time?
  8. Is the atmosphere fun, eclectic and fresh enough to keep you motivated?

 The best solution is to find a place that works for you and that includes the health club atmosphere or any other place that suits your fancy. It may take time to get the right fit, but it is well worth the effort.