Hope you had an amazing Holiday!  I had a blast!  

Between our office jobs, our screen time, quarantine and the holidays you may have done a lot of sitting around and eating. So if you’ve gotten off track it’s time to get up and start moving again! It’s never too late.  

Living a sedentary lifestyle (you already know) is damaging for our health.  I’m just here to remind you and get you to restart again. Sitting too much is just as bad as smoking used to be – deadly!  It’s a leading cause of illness. Fortunately, we can do a lot to reverse this damage by simply doing little things to get active again – work it into your day.

1. Mix It Up

A good rule of thumb is for every hour that you will be sitting, plan to stand for 15 minutes or take a five minute walk. This will not only help you stay more active, it will simultaneously reduce the amount of time you are sedentary. Remember to track your time and mix it up!

2. Find Opportunities For Fitness

There are so many great opportunities around us to be more active. For example, when you go to the grocery store, park at the back of the lot. If you have an option to take stairs or an escalator, take the stairs! Head over to your colleague’s office, rather than send an email. These small acts add up quickly, leading us to be more active.

3. Do Something Active–Together! 

You all know I’m a huge advocate for having some workout buddies. Being active with others is always more fun than being active alone. It’s also a great way to get motivated when you don’t feel much like doing anything. Plan a fun outing like kayaking, a round of golf, or go for a hike. If you’re more of a homebody, play some backyard games or have people over for a dance party!

4. Get Your Workout In

It’s natural to feel fatigued and exhausted after a day where you had to be sedentary. It can be really tempting to just park in front of the tv and relax. However, it’s so important that you workout every day. It can be challenging to get motivated, but that’s why I’m here to help!

In this video, I explore some of the ways we can take back our fabulous by breaking out of our sedentary lives. Coupled with these four tips, you’ll be able to get up and get active again! Let’s go!