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It’s Time to Take Back Your FABULOUS!
8 Weeks of Interactive Coaching Sessions

With Wendy Ida

Designed to Help You Transform your Life!

Starts August 13, 2020  

11AM Pacific Time, 1PM Central Time, 2PM Eastern Time

So glad you’re here! Don’t go another day feeling bad about yourself! Your life, health, Your body and YOU deserve better!
Who says you have to wait on Covid or the world to completely open back up?  Covid has taken enough from you!   If you have the desire within you to TAKE BACK YOUR FABULOUS DO IT NOW!  Age is NOT a factor and it doesn’t matter where you come from or what you’ve been through.  This is your time to get out of your own way and live FIT FIERCE AND FABULOUS!  – Your life, your health and your body depend on it and can be better than you ever imagined.

I’m 68 years young and on top of my game today, but I’ve not forgotten the pain I lived with for so many years.  And I remember, all to well being frustrated, stressed out, afraid, overweight, overwhelmed, sad, and not knowing what to do next. So believe me when I say this – I REALLY understand! 


If any of this sounds familiar YELL to the roof tops I will do better! 

“Covid has me feeling depressed” ” I’m too tired to exercise even though I have more time on my hands” “I wish I had more energy” “Good food is too expensive” “My clothes don’t fit me anymore” “I want my life back” “I’m secretly unhappy but don’t want to tell anyone” “I want someone to take care of me for once!” “I want to feel confident and sexy!” “I want to feel vibrant and healthy!”  “I secretly avoid people because I don’t like what I see in the mirror”

I get it! I get it! I get it! So many of these things kept me down. And, just like you, I sought out for something or someone to help me get those things that my body and soul yearned for. 


Payment Plan Available!

★ Payment Plan Available!

Why I Created Take Back Your Life

Some may believe that I am “over the top” with my dedication to fitness, health and self-empowerment, but I am not. I will never forget my journey from despair to triumph. You see, I am a domestic violence survivor who was in fragile shape, bad health and had super low self-esteem. Something inside me knew there was more to life than what I was living in day after day. And when I look back at the fact that I was four dress sizes larger than I am today, and had gained an additional 50 pounds after having two children back to back…boy am I grateful. I beat the odds and never looked back. I did not begin to get serious about my exercise regime until I was 43.

Once I decided to take back my life, I shed 80 pounds and became a rock-solid size 4 and it felt great. I have never felt better in my life. Everyday I am filled with happiness, joy, and just pure excitement to be alive. And, get this…I am a grandmother too! I know in my heart and soul I was born to share my self-taught approach to mental readiness and self-worth as well as teach and inspire others to live their potential and that it is MY REASON FOR LIVING.


Wendy Ida Before and After
I want to hand deliver to you a smooth holistic approach to turning your life around and preparing your body, mind and soul to be the fittest it has ever been. I want to educate you on the what you CAN do to live the best life ever. And you want that too. I want to help you make your body and life a priority so you feel free. And you want that too. I want to give you back your energy and your motivation to own your life. And you want that too. I want to show you how you can tweak the smallest of things to get the biggest results.

Can’t Wait Anymore? Join me and Take Back Your Fabulous Now!

What People Are Saying…

“Wendy is the real deal… Continue to inspire us all!”

“Wendy is the real deal. Just worked out with Wendy Ida…LMAO at Google dancing gangnam style CRACKED ME UP!
Hope your birthday weekend is as amazing as you are! Continue to inspire us all! True beauty.“

Nicole Ari Parker


“Wendy will help you get out of your unhealthy comfort zone.” 

“Wendy will help you get out of your unhealthy comfort zone. Wendy made the connection between good health and achieving one’s dreams. Her Take Back Your Life program will require that you make the decision that you want to live!”

Les Brown

Motivational Speaker & Best Selling Author

Learn WHY You Should…Take Back Your Fabulous NOW!


Wendy Ida Speaking

This Interactive Coaching Program is for you if you…

  • Want REAL results that last!
  • Tried lots of diets and just can’t keep the WEIGHT  OFF!
  • Want to Face your FEARS and learn how to eliminaate the exuses!
  • Realize you don’t want to go another day without feelig great about yourself!
  • Want the best type of activity and weight training exercises that get you started on the right foot!
  • Want to incorporate healthy eating into your life with ease!
  • Feel tired, stressed, frustrated or unmotivated!
  • Want to AVOID the back-slide!
  • Don’t have the support system that you need to elevate you and speed up the process!

8 Weeks of Interactive Coaching Sessions to Help You Take Back Your Fabulous!


Wendy Ida SpeakingWEEK 1 – Mindset and Lifestyle Coaching.

WEEK 2 – Goal Setting and Vision Casting. 

WEEK 3 – Core Body Workout and Action Plan.

WEEK 4 – Eating for a Fabulous Life!

WEEK 5 – Upper and Lower Body Workout with Action Plan. 

WEEK 6 – Confidence and Raising Your Deserve Level. 

WEEK 7 – Increase Your Energy, Feel Youthful and Get Your Sexy Back!

WEEK 8 – Motivational Secrets, Long-Term Success and Avoiding the Back-slide.



Take Back Your Life Success Bundle includes…   

     ●  Take Back Your Life Book
     ●  Take Back Your Life Action Guide
     ●  5 Part Audio/Video Program to train the Mind Body & Sexy
     ●  5 In-Home Training Video Modules
     ●  DVD’s (Fountain of You) – 5 Different Circuit Workouts
     ●  30 Nutrition Tips to help build a healthy body
10 Reports w/over 100 Tips for a Fabulous Life  
     ●  Everything so that you eat for a Fabulous Life 




How to Dine Out at Home

Eating at home is the easiest way to eat healthy. When eating at home you have control over what is being served, portion sizes and ingredients.


Enjoying Your Food But Eat Less

Healthy meals start with knowledge and action. Here is where I show you how you can enjoy your meals, but eat less.  You’ll want to make these small adjustments as soon as possible.


Better Beverages Choices

What you drink is as important as what you eat. Many beverages offer little or no nutrients. You’ll learn how to make better beverage choices.


Eating Out

There’s going to be times that you want to treat yourself and your family to meals at restaurants. Learn how to enjoy a healthy meal that’s still tasty.


Food Portion Chart

The food you eat is either converted into energy or stored as fat. Proper portions are key. Here’s a simple guide to know what one portion should look like.


Vegetarian Eating

A vegetarian eating pattern can be a healthy option. The key is to consume a variety of foods, in the right amount, to meet your calorie and nutrient needs.

Meet Wendy – Creator of Take Back Your Fabulous!

Wendy Ida (pronounced ee’da) also known as “America’s #1 Expert on Living Fit, Fierce & Fabulous after 40” is a 68 year young internationally recognized Best Selling Author, Speaker, TV Host, Life Reinvention Strategist and Fitness Expert.

She is also a two-time Guinness World Record Holder and 8-time award winning National Fitness Champion. 

She won the Indie literary award for her book, Take Back Your Life: My No Nonsense Approach to Health Fitness and Looking Good Naked! – Foreword by Les Brown, Motivational Speaker

Wendy has made dozens of appearances on TV, talk radio and other media such as Essence Magazine, The Dr. OZ show, Inside Edition, CNN, Fox Sports Net, NBC, ABC, B.E.T., commercials, exercise videos and more.

I have designed this program just for you because ultimately, I want YOU to feel free, to feel sexy, to feel confident, and exude your radiance each and every single day. Because YOUR LIFE MATTERS!


Take Back Your Fabulous Breakthrough System
Take Back Your Fabulous Breakthrough System


The first seven people who pay in full get a Private 30-minute session with Wendy

When you sign up we will send you an email on more details for the program 


If you really want to do something, you will find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse ~ Jim Rohn ~