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Wendy Started Her Journey Towards Total Wellness – Body, Mind and Spirit at age 43! it is never too late to take back your fabulous and live the life you desire! Let Wendy show you how to get moving, so you can start loving your body and life.

This powerful package includes something for your mindset, body and spirit:

Reset Your Life E-Book

Spirit Guide & Techniques for manifesting your dreams & Tricks to Move Your Body

Fun Dance Workout

Enjoy this fun and energetic workout designed to help you take back your fabulous!

Audio Program #1 – Burn Fat Faster

Learn how to drop the weight in no time with my 3 easy steps to burn fat faster.

Bonus #1 – Add More vegetables to Your Day 

10 tips to help you eat more vegetables

Bonus #2 – Be a Healthy Role Model for Children

10 tips for setting good examples for the children in your life.

Bonus #3 – Salt and Sodium

10 tips to help you cut back your salt and sodium intake.

Bonus #4 – Take Back Your Fabulous Videos

Video 1 – The Workout
Video 2 – Stress in Car
Video 3 – Meditation in Yard
Video 4 – Beauty Tips


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