You Are The Grasshopper!

You’re doing good Grasshopper…
But I know you desire to do better!

You’ve had challenges, but there’s an easy solution to them.

No worries! We’ll point you in the right direction.


Here’s what I know based on your scores… 

You just need a wake up call since your health is a constant up and down battle.

Focusing on your health will yield dramatic improvements in your well-being and how you feel – but, there is a method to the madness…


  • You are doing well and have made a commitment to do the work, but you still need some strategies to help you get there faster. You also want to enjoy your journey along the way, but you haven’t found what works for you — yet.
  • In your heart of hearts you are strong, but each time you try something new to improve yourself past issues seem to sabotage your efforts and hold you back from reaching your desired goals. Much like the grasshopper you are up and down and back and forth and therefore not where you really want to be.
  • Your food choices aren’t terrible, but they’re not exactly great either. The same is true with your workouts; your workouts could use more consistency.
  • Your lifestyle choices might also be making matters worse and the people in your life are probably not supporting you in a way that promotes your growth…improvements here can really help.


  • Put other people first and don’t get much time for yourself so you fizzle out when it comes to finishing what you start.
  • Have what it takes to reach the goals you’ve set for yourself, but deep down you are not confident you can achieve them.
  • Approach life like you’re sticking your big toe into a pool.
  • Try to live a healthier lifestyle, but you’re just not there yet.

GRASSHOPPER are you ready to step up to your next level of fabulous? 

Here’s how…

Start by clearing out the skeletons in your closet.​ ​​Put behind you the regret and pain you’ve experienced in the past.  It sucks up your energy and distracts you from your real truth.  If you’ve been frowned upon, shoved aside, told things like you’re old, fat or you don’t matter; you must stop believing the lies and reassess how you see yourself in the world today.  

If you’ve also been told things like: you can’t do it, you’ll never amount to anything, you’re worthless; or, if you’ve had people talk down to you about your personal style, you have to extinguish those thoughts and feelings from your body, mind and soul in order to move forward. As soon as one of these lying thoughts pop into your head – speak to it – tell yourself the opposite truth. Otherwise those things negatively impact your spirit and you begin to believe those things are true.  As a result you sabotage any efforts to make your life better.  
If you want to become unburdened by it all, you have to break free of the past and break that pattern of guilt and abuse — use that energy instead to focus on what YOU want today.  

​​The way to break free of this is by honoring yourself. ​First, realize that you are worthy of all good things. Second, focus on taking care of yourself first before you serve others. Understand that by honoring yourself you honor your body — and honoring your body means to protect and respect it.  Build a loving relationship with yourself that yields structure and integrity. Integrity means you do what you say your going to do for yourself even when no one is looking. Create a system of daily rituals that will give you the freedom and structure you need to be more successful in your journey. This will help you master your emotions, master your habits and create a whole new you. How you show up in the world has much to do with not only how you see yourself, but how you are serving yourself. As your journey toward self-mastering continues, you will find it much easier to stay on track and reach your goals. Notice the difference in how people respond to you – your positive spirit makes people want to hang out with you.  

The first step to getting better at ANYTHING is being aware, being truthful, recognizing and taking ownership of it BEFORE it grabs a hold of you – stopping you from making progress – and completely destroying you!

When you first start this process of making changes, understand that it is normal to backslide occasionally — because it’s new.  Just know that eventually you will begin to catch yourself in the act, and gradually, your mindset and attitude will transform.

Now, I know this was a mouthful GRASSHOPPER, but the good news is, that taking care of yourself doesn’t have to be complicated or take lots of time. You can make simple changes by taking baby steps – one step at a time – fitting that step in and around your life will help you feel better fast.
After you’ve dug in deep, it’s important that you stay motivated and enjoy your journey so try these strategies…

  1. Be creative. This keeps you young at heart and stops you from getting stuck in a rut.
  2. Find an activity or two you enjoy. You’ll have more energy and less stress and stay on track.
  3. Spend quality time with positive people.  You’ll begin to feel more excited about life and its possibilities.

Lastly, connect with a coach you know, love and trust!
It will fast track your plans and help you reach your goals.
It will propel you in a way you could not have imagined or achieved by yourself.

You’ll get the accountability and other motivational tactics you need to get you where you want to go faster, stronger and better than ever in the safest way possible.

So, if you want to escape the madness, become healthier and stop the inconsistent flip-flopping, grass-hopping and yo-yo back and forthing…begin making these changes immediately.

If you need personal assistance feel free to contact me.


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Be strong, Be consistent and stay with me ​Seeker.
I got your back.
Because you are worth fighting for! Because you matter!