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5 Exciting Video Workouts to Burn Fat Fast.

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Theresa Campbell

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When you order Fountain of You, you will receive:

Fat Burning Solutions

If you are looking for a fat burning kick-butt weight loss solution, this is for you!   If you have desires and dreams to achieve that hot body let Wendy Ida (ee’da), America’s #1 expert on Living Fit, Fierce & Fabulous After 40, show you how to get there! 

Muscle Building Moves

Finally get rid of that stubborn body fat in all the wrong places and increase your muscle in all the right places.  This total body workout gives you a combination of strength and cardio moves that will increase your weight loss fast!

Motivating Workouts

 The workouts are designed to fit your busy lifestyle and keep you motivated and progressing to the next level.    Oh! It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out or a routine exerciser.  It’s easy to ramp up the routine or take it down to a level that you can work with but feel challenged at the same time.

“My physician is so proud of my progress. I salute Wendy Ida as the world’s greatest trainer and teacher!!!”
Ann Mosley

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Jumpstart the fat burning process NOW!

Here’s what you get:

  • Your choice: Get either the DVD
  • OR… get Instant Online Access
  • Five different and exciting workouts


  • Level 1 workout
  • Level 2 workout
  • Level 3 workout
  • Sexercise workout
  • Power Circuit workout
  • Bonus – Nutrition tips
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Take Back Your Fabulous Fan

Level 1

Will Jump start you back into shape and pump up your fat burning machine.  This will take only 20 minutes.

Level 2

Takes it up a notch to challenge and motivate you.  You’ll feel juicy, ripe and youthful as you shift into second gear to step up your fat burning power. This will take only 30 minutes.

Level 3

Introduces a little more punch to the mix.  It ramps up the intensity and teaches your body to stomp out fat forever.   All it takes is 30 minutes.

8 Minute Power Circuit

 No time?  No problem!  You will find time with this 8 minute circuit workout designed for busy people who want results and need to get it done fast!  

The Sneak Peek of Sexercises

Be the first to try out Wendy Ida’s Sexercises.  This 15 minute Sexercise Workout is a combination of techniques that show you how to enhance and improve your sexual health and experience.

“Hot Moves! Wendy You should Make a Dance Exercise Video and sell it as s download. I would be so excited to buy it.”
Michelle, Raw Fit Beauty TV

Take Back Your Fabulous Fan

Wendy Ida wants you to get it!

She says, “Make the decision! Get pumped and get into action!”

At 71, Wendy is a 8-time award winning Fitness Pro as well as a former Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the LA Avengers football team and top Los Angeles fitness trainer, Coach and Best Selling Author.

She is a living example of practicing what she preaches.  Wendy wants you to reach your potential and find your unique greatness!  She sticks to her mantra that “It’s never too late to take charge of your life.”   Don’t even think about it!