“You Are About To Discover Fitness Tips & Insights for Women over 40 that REALLY WORK… From a grandmother!”

Wendy Ida is NOT your ordinary grandmother. In fact, she looks better than most of the 20-somethings on your block! Find out how you can get this fit over 40 in Take Back Your Life! Wendy Ida’s No Nonsense Approach to Health, Fitness & Looking Good Naked! This guide reveals all the secrets of a 72 year old, award-winning top fitness pro (and yes, grandmother!), Wendy Ida (ee’da).

Get the body you want, once and for all!


“Wendy Ida is an absolute inspiration. I’ve taught fitness for over a decade and learned more from her book than any certification course I’ve ever taken (& I’ve taken 7). Plus, just look at her! If she can look that good her age, I know I will get my body back after this baby by using the methods in her book.”

Kaia Van Zandt

Author & Cover Model

Wendy Ida Writes

“It’s NOT your imagination. Your body really ISN’T the same as it was 20 years ago. Childbearing, old injuries, menopause, medications and metabolism changes have profound effects on your body’s strength, stamina and appearance. As you’ve probably noticed, the foods you once ate without gaining an ounce now seem to bypass your stomach and go straight to your hips. Yikes! The workout or the sport that left you energized and relaxed just a few years ago now leaves sore muscles and joint twinges. Even sex seems like just another thing to check off on the ‘to do’ list before you can fall asleep.

BUT WAIT! The good news is you CAN go back to being energized again with fewer or no muscle aches. You can love your body, feel sexy and get in the mood for great sex again. You just need to learn how to do the things you love a little differently than you did when you were younger. That’s all.

It’s time for you to “Take Back Your Life!”

Here’s Wendy’s “Power Fit” tips straight from the book:

  • Reset your priorities & make a decision to put your health first.
  • Commit to that decision heart and soul & list 10 reasons why you are making the change.
  • PLAN! (your food and your exercise) THIS IS A BIGGIE!
  • Increase your activity! You’ve got to move to improve.
  • Pump some iron. It’s essential for health, strength & maintenance of fat loss.
  • Start slowly- Make one small change at a time & remember life is not a sprint!
  • Shut out the negativity in and around you. It happens when you’re trying to do good.
  • Create a vision board to renew your commitment daily.
  • Reduce your food portions by refusing to super size ANYTHING!
  • Listen to your body & educate yourself to avoid injury
  • If you stray a bit, don’t beat yourself up & don’t let it snowball — Re-route instead!
  • When things get tough, (Oh, they will get tough!) PRAY!


Creating Change After Age 40

  • Body Basics — How You Got to Where You are Now
  • Motivation Hurdles — What Makes It Tough to Change
  • How Your Past Catches Up with You
  • The Own Principle: Outlook, Workout and Nutrition
  • Motivation Fuel-Up — How to Get Yourself into Gear
  • Daily and Long-Term Motivation
  • Why Your Workout Works Differently Now
  • How to Cheat the Clock and the Calendar
  • Food — Satisfaction or Saboteur?
  • Understanding Why You Eat and How You Need to Eat Now
  • Own Your Nutrition by Mastering Metabolism
  • The Take Back Your Life 90-Day Basic Outlook Plan
  • The Take Back Your Life 90-Day Basic Workout Plan
  • The Take Back Your Life 90-Day Basic Nutrition Plan

Relationship Changes Like:

  • Divorce: How the changes change you — for good and not so good
  • Empty Nest: Kids are gone — why isn’t there more free time?
  • Grief: Midlife is the time for loss. How to avoid the biggest pitfalls when sadness strikes
  • Care-giving: Caring for older parents puts extra stress on Outlook, Workout and Nutrition

Career Transitions Like:

  • Job Loss: Losing a job can mean a loss of confidence, less energy and dark moods.
  • Retirement: Leaving the 9-to-5 job doesn’t have to mean leaving the gym behind
  • Relocation: Moving can throw off Outlook, Workout and Nutrition as you settle in
  • Promotion/New Career: New opportunities can wreak havoc with your OWN progress

Health Changes Like:

  • Illness: Bouncing back after surgery, sickness or a chronic condition
  • Menopause: No getting around it — the Change can change everything.

And Most Importantly

  • Shaping up when you slip up — how to hang on to everything you’ve achieved
  • Making the most of the best half of your life

Wendy Ida’s Take Back Your Life!Wendy Ida’s No Nonsense Approach to Health, Fitness & Looking Good Naked! is the book that delivers on its promise.

(But ONLY if you’re ready to look good naked!)

Does it take more conscious effort to have the body and the life you want after age 40? Yes.

Is it impossible? No.

Wendy Ida wants you to learn to OWN your future. That stands for:

  • Outlook
  • Workout
  • Nutrition

Once you get these three components in place, you will be unstoppable! Find out more in Take Back Your Life! Order your copy now!

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Here is what you’ll receive:

– Autographed Book
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PLUS the Take Back Your Life Action Guide

This guide was designed to be a guided journal for you to personalize the Take Back Your Life book and create the spectacular results you want. In the book Take Back Your Life: My No Nonsense Approach to Health Fitness and Looking Good Naked! Wendy Ida guides women from hopelessness to getting the body they want with her 3-pronged approach in her 90-day Take Back Your Life Results Program that speaks to the needs of women whose lives have spun out of control due to the physical changes that occur during midlife and the many major life transitions that hinder weight loss and leave women feeling unattractive and powerless.

What People Are Saying:

“Wendy is absolutely one of the most dynamic, insightful, and as you most likely already know, beautiful women I have ever had the privilege of meeting! Folks, this woman is truly a Goddess among mortals. I am so thankful to have invited her into my life. Thank you for your assistance and trusting me with your time and knowledge Wendy. I definitely realize my stellar fortune in having you as my mentor and trainer/coach.”

Jay Jay

VP of Talent Acquisition for ImagineIT INC.

“In Take Back Your Life, Wendy Ida has cracked the code about what it takes to regain and maintain a great state of health. Her comprehensive yet easy-to-understand explanations are empowering and results oriented.

“Take Back Your Life” is a must read for anyone who wants to gain control of their most precious asset, their health!”

Peter McCarthy

CEO AHI Productions, Inc., Certified Traditional Naturopath

“Wendy understands the issues facing people at midlife and we highly recommend her common sense approach to bolster a person’s self worth through nurturing healthier habits. On every page, you can “feel” her passion and belief that you can transform your health and your life … no matter what. Read her book, follow her advice and get ready to take back your life!”

Jeanne Peters RD & Allen Peters MD

Co-founders of the Nourishing Wellness Medical Center

“Your book is a true inspiration.  

Take Back Your Life” is what I have been waiting for!

I feel like you wrote this book just for me!”


TBYF Fan & Single Mother ~ Loving Life

“I loved it!  For those of us “over 40” Wendy tackles the real changes that are happening to our bodies and explains how to hit back!  I found myself having “ah-ha” moments while reading her book.  She understood what I was going through and was able to give me the necessary tools to make positive changes and OWN my life again.  Every woman over 40 should read this book.

Cindy Popp

Producer/Director, NBC’s "The Bold and The Beautiful"

About the Author

America’s #1 Expert on Living Fit, Fierce & Fabulous After 40!

Wendy Ida (ee-da) is a 72 year old two-time Guinness World Record Holder, TV Host, 8-time award winning National Fitness Champion as well as an Internationally recognized Fitness Expert, Life Re-invention Strategist, Speaker and Best Selling Author of Take Back Your Life! My No Nonsense approach to Health Fitness and Looking Good Naked!

Wendy Ida has toured with actors Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker as a fitness expert for their organization. She has achieved international recognition via commercials, exercise videos, magazines and dozens of other appearances on TV and talk radio like, Inside Edition, Dr OZ, NBC’s The Jeff Probst Show, CNN, Fox Sports Net, ABC, B.E.T Essence Magazine and more.

Wendy is a former Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the LA Avengers football team and Director of the Obesity Prevention Initiative Program, backed by USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, Kaiser Permanente, American Bio-Clinical Laboratories and the Real Men Cook Foundation.

Twice nominated for Who’s Who Among Women, Wendy Ida also received the Award of Recognition for Outstanding Educational Community Service from Dr. Charles Adams, Founder and President of the Educational Outreach Community Program.

Wendy is a domestic violence survivor and former 20-year Corporate Accountant. She began working out at age 43, lost 80 lbs. and changed her life. Now she is living her purpose by teaching women (and men) around the world how to take control of their lives. Wendy says, “It’s never too late to Take Back Your Life!