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Take Back Your Life
6 & 12 month Private Mentorship & Coaching Program

Spend 6 to 12 Months Working Closely with me for complete

If you have been struggling with your weight or you know that your health and body is failing fast…

And you know that spending one day or 8 weeks with me is not going to get you the true-life transformation you want to experience…

Then –

Wendy Ida, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Fitness Expert, Life Reinvention Strategist and 8-time Award Winning Fitness Champion and Guinness World Record Holder,

Has –

The unique solutions for the unique you that you’ve been searching for to finally help you achieve your dreams.


World RecordHow do I know the body you dream of is possible? I’ve been where you are, struggling, feeling unattractive, and ready to give up… AND I’ve reinvented myself on the other side as a grandmother with 2 Guinness World Records in fitness!

Most women simply stay stuck where they are, struggling along. Things are bad, but not quite bad enough to change. Or they’ve lost hope after a string of failures. It’s easier to try and numb yourself than go for full-on real transformation.

But true transformation is the ONLY thing that will make you feel better!

The good news is, you CAN feel energized again with fewer or no muscle aches. You CAN love your body, feel sexy and develop lean muscles that look great. You just need to learn how to do things a little differently than you did when you were younger. That’s all. 

I know the pitfalls and challenges on the road to getting the body you want, and…

I will take your hand and personally show you EXACTLY how to get the lasting results you’re after.

Yes, it’s about taking back your body, but it’s also a whole lot more than that. This is about you taking back your power. This is about you regaining control. This is about you LOVING yourself and the skin you’re in!

How about all of you over 40?  Do you think it takes more conscious effort to have the body and the life you want after age 40?

wendy ida beach Yes.

Is it impossible?


The reason most people fail in their fitness goals is they don’t get the support they need to succeed OVER TIME!  Creating new habits is a challenge! If it wasn’t challenging, every smoker would just immediately quit smoking, and every person who needs to lose ten pounds would just do it.

I am YOUR SUPPORT TEAM! How do I know you will succeed? With me in your corner, you won’t have a choice. But you have to be ready to take back your body and your life. You have to be truly ready to make a change, and receive the support offered to you.

wendy ida beach Why believe me?

Because I can help YOU Look Good Naked!

Because I Look Good Naked at 63 years young (just ask my husband!). I’m fit, still going strong, and feeling sexy… and I can pass that road map off to you!

Because I didn’t start working out until the age of 43, I can show you how to re-invent yourself.

Because I lost 80lbs and my results speak for themselves. I can help you get to the same place…because I don’t begin with the physical – I end with it.  I empower the mind to get the body to do what it does. 

This is about a LOT more than just exercise. I give you my no-excuse mind map on how to adjust, behave, stay sane & stay healthy in real life challenges that we all face.

So, if you want to recapture your youth, restore your health, & take back your body… this program is for you.  It is a great trade off to what you’ve been doing in the past and worth its weight in gold. Promise! 

This is an all-inclusive life coaching program that covers coaching and mentoring on every area of your life – relationships, mindset, body mechanics, health/wellness, spirituality, life.  It includes all you need to have a safe and progressive start and a master plan to take you forward for the length of your program.  We will jumpstart your program by spending a day together and then working closely together over the next (you have two options) 6 or 12 months to implement and build on what we started. 

This program is for you, if you:

  • Want long-term guidance and support to make sure you truly Take Back Your Life!
  • Realize your life has gone downhill and you are tired of feeling tired!
  • Are frustrated, unmotivated and just can’t keep the Weight off!
  • Realize you don’t want to go another day feeling bad about yourself!
  • Dream of enjoying a fabulously fit, strong and sexy body…
  • Want expert support from an 8-time National Fitness Champ and Guinness World Record holder – Wendy Ida who has reinvented her own life and body! 
  • Want to see REAL results that LAST! AND it means you will NEVER FAIL AGAIN!

Here is what’s included in your Take Back Your Life Mentorship/Coaching Program:

  • Custom program design – The foundation of your program is this blueprint that is specifically and carefully designed with your expected benefits as well as a methodology that maps out a clear identification of your physical workouts as well as your life’s plan as I hold your hand over the months to guide and support you to achieve required results.  Without this foundation, no rational program design methodology can be sustained.
  • Take Back Your Life Assessments – This will help me learn more about you and you will learn more about yourself. As I assess your mind-map I can determine what your capabilities are and how I will best design the right custom program for you.
  • Lifestyle Management & Reinvention – To create permanent successes in your life and body my efforts are also dedicated to guiding and supporting each client through growth and change by using behavior modification and lifestyle enhancement methods.  Maintaining confidentiality and customized care is a high priority to each and every one of my clients.
  • Diet analysis – I meticulously sift through your current individual diet and nutrition components and track all that you eat for a period of 5-7 days and analyze the foods you eat to determine the overall nutritional value of your dietary intake. I also determine weaknesses, potential food allergies and disease management issues. The results of this analysis help determine your personal Diet Prescription Plan & are strongly considered when recommending a Meal Plan.
  • Nutritional Guidance – The goal is to maximize nutritional well-being for optimal health and therefore guide you in your journey with up-to-date research as I am approved as a Nutrition specialist by AASDN and receive additional support through other specialist for my clients with special diseases.
  • Workout Resistance Band – To help you with some of my special strengthening techniques.
  • Weekly Calls – (45 min call beginning of each month + each add’l week 15 min).
  • 5 hour Audio/Video – Take Back Your Mind, Body & Sexy CD/DVD Package.
  • 24/7 Private Facebook Group access – you can meet & share ideas w/ others.
  • Fitness Tracker/Fit Bit Fuel band – measures your movement, tracks results, and reports them to me so we keep you accountable.
  • Unlimited emails

PLUS – These Special Bonuses:

  • Take Back Your Life Book
  • Take Back Your Life Action Guide
  • 5 In-Home Training Videos
  • 1 – Ticket  (for 6 month program) to my 3 day Take Back Your Life Reinvention Retreat OR 2 – Tickets (for 12 month program) to my 3-day Take Back Your Life Reinvention Retreat

You have two options to choose from:


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Access directly to Wendy Ida PLUS
her guidance & support for 6 to 12 months 
can be life changing!

You can truly experience the life transformation you desire!


“Wendy will help you get out of your unhealthy comfort zone. Wendy made the connection between good health and achieving one’s dreams. Her Take Back Your Life program will require that you make the decision that you want to live! Wendy has overcome negativity and tragedy because she had the hunger and courage to change her life. Now she has found a way to empower others!”

Les Brown, Motivational Speaker & Best Selling Author

“Wendy Ida is the ultimate professional…and is extremely knowledgeable. She’s a great role model for both men and women. When she is training, it’s about the workout and the results.”

Cindy Popp, Producer/Director, Bold and the Beautiful

I have been in and out of gyms for 15 years and have had a hard time sticking with it, but I’m on a great program now and enjoying working with Wendy. I am down about 10 pounds so far as a result of working with Wendy and for the first time understand where I’m headed and am very excited about my future. Thanks Wendy!

Chris Korody, Writer/Creative Director

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Note:  Only open to 5-8 people based on the commitment.  Investment levels are subject to change.

I enjoy working with people who take a non-excuses approach to their health and wellness, who are ready to go to the next level.  Working with me is going to be an investment but you will get results if you are willing to do the work. To apply for a discovery session to see if we are the right fit to work together.

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