Take Back Your Fabulous Strategy Session

JUMP START YOUR LIFE! This is your chance to ask Wendy any questions on your mind so you can get some solid answers that will finally yield you results.

If you need guidance on how to push past those plateaus holding you back or maybe stop the roller coaster ride you’ve been on…you can speak privately with Wendy now!

Private 6 or 12 Month Coaching Program

Spend 6 or 12 Months working closely with Wendy to change Your BODY & LIFE!

If you want an all-inclusive life-coaching program that covers mentoring on every area of your life this program is for you! You get true-life transformation and long-term guidance and support to make sure you truly take back your body and your life!

Take Back Your Fabulous VIP Day

The Take Back Your Fabulous VIP DAY is for you if: You want to spend 1 full day with Wendy Ida to learn exactly what you will need to do to improve your life.  You’ll get a custom designed program that includes full-body training sessions and coaching on how to re-invent your life PLUS a nutrition and wellness package that will speed-dial you toward the life transformation you desire.

Cleanse and Detox Program

Kick Your Body into gear with a 30-Day Cleanse/Detox Program

Includes LIVE Coaching with Wendy. Whether you want to lose weight, run marathons, compete in bodybuilding competitions, play professional sports, or just go to the gym regularly to stay in shape, this system is for you! It will help you meet your goals, improve your health and increase your energy!!!