Before & After Success Stories

“I’ve lost 40 lbs…
After just two weeks I couldn’t believe my energy!
I did what Wendy said and I saw the results.”


Thank you Wendy for the impact you’ve had on my life. Having more energy, better digestion, losing 40 lbs. and now having the know how to get back on the horse if I fall off is a wonderful gift to myself. Without your help, I’d still be “pleasantly plump”.

I didn’t need a gym membership and was able to workout from my home. I did what Wendy said and I saw the results. It wasn’t hard. It didn’t hurt. I did sweat and it did take will power. I wasn’t always perfect at it and still am not. But mindset is everything. The personal stories from Wendy that helped to develop my winning mindset were golden!

The biggest hurdle for me was the cost, but once I determined that the ability to get fit and stay fit was biggest priority to me at the time and that Wendy was the one that could help me, the rest was easy.

After just two weeks of being on Wendy’s program I couldn’t believe the difference in my energy level and in my digestion. My training with Wendy was long distance as she lives in California and I live in Ontario, Canada. It is amazing the ability she has to ask questions and assess my progress over the phone.

As a caregiver for my husband with Alzheimer’s and a consultant in the financial industry, I live with a constant level of stress. Often I had low energy and knowing that I was overweight too, I desired to be fit and healthy so that I could care for those who needed me most.

It has been a great pleasure to work with Wendy Ida over the past year. When I met her, I KNEW she was the one that could help me.

– Carol Dorey Trickett, Ontario, Canada – Financial Consultant

“I’ve lost 45 lbs…
It’s made a world of difference for me!”

Lynn Sasai Before and After

Wendy is not only very knowledgeable in her craft; she’s also very motivating, and fun to work out with. It’s made a world of difference for me!

“When I found Wendy I was not only overweight, but also recovering from a broken femur. I had very little muscle strength in my legs. Wendy put me on a nutrition and fitness program that gave me amazing results. I’ve lost 45 lbs and my leg went from having very little muscle strength to being able to handle the rigorous sport of skiing. My orthopedist told me it would take two full years to get all my muscle strength back. Working with Wendy has made a huge difference! I’m about 6 months ahead of schedule!

– Lynn Sasai

“I’ve lost 40 lbs…
Folks, Wendy is truly a Goddess among mortals.”


“Wendy, I absolutely adore you and look forward to working with you again when the time is right. You’ve set the foundation for the rest of my life! And these other trainers can’t hold a candle to you.

“For those of you who have yet to experience what Wendy has to offer hold tight and get excited for your opportunity!

Wendy is absolutely one of the most dynamic, insightful, and as you most likely already know, beautiful women I have ever had the privilege of meeting!

She’ll teach you to care for your body beginning with the way you think. She will…” …Read more.

“I’ve lost 52 lbs in 6 months
Wendy’s guidance and support has been life saving!”

art ida before and after

“As I watched my wife take back her life over the years, I decided I WANTED IN! I tried doing it my way, but it didn’t work and after the doctor gave me some bad news, I finally started listening to Wendy.

“Here’s what I learned. I stopped thinking I could just watch how Wendy lived and make progress just by being in her presence and doing things my way. Instead, Wendy set up a custom plan that worked for my lifestyle and me. Then we actually set up a time to meet like she does with any of her clients. Then the magic started happening! Wendy’s guidance and support has been life saving. I’ve lost 52 lbs in 6 months and look at me now! I’ve reached my goal weight by doing the work and the best part is, I know how to maintain it!” ☺

Thanks Honey,
– Art Ida

“I’ve lost 30 lbs…
Wendy Ida came through for me – big time.”



Week 17

Week 17




“I’ve always had coaches as I grew up playing sports. As I got older I couldn’t find the will power to be consistent with my fitness and nutrition routine. For years I thought there was no possible way to get my body where I wanted it to be, but Wendy Ida came through for me – big time.

“Once I got serious, she put together a plan, motivated me and held me accountable from 3000 miles away! Weekly, I found myself in awe as my body transformed, fat melted, muscles toned, co-workers gasped. I was being whistled at by adoring strangers again.”

– Sky Dietrich