See The Big Picture to Avoid Heart Disease

See The Big Picture to Avoid Heart Disease

Do you know what the leading cause of death in women is? Most women think its Breast Cancer. The truth is Heart Disease is the number one leading cause of death in women in the United States. It’s bigger and by far nastier than most women are aware. In fact, more women die of Heart Disease than all types of cancer combined in spite of the fact that it is one of the most preventable diseases.

Each year the figures show that death rates due to heart disease in women are growing. Why is it growing? – The reason is simple. More than ever before women are leading incredibly unhealthy lifestyles. Restaurant owners and food preparers don’t help our problem either. They give us huge portions of food so we don’t go somewhere else to eat but the problem is they include man made fillers in their food to increase the quantity. It gives people the impression they are getting a real deal. Are you really getting a deal – Or are they encouraging unhealthy, obese life styles and getting rich on top of it?

More often than not many people search for buffet style food or frequent places where they can get a two for one. In healthy or organic restaurants many squawk at the amount of food they get or complain that prices are too high. The fact is, quality food with lots of nutrition costs while cheap, discounted, fast food may include product that no one should be eating.

Go for real nutrition (quality not quantity) – search for organic food stores (your body deserves it) and when asked at the theater if you want a larger popcorn for a quarter more – say no!

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