What’s on your mind? What are you thankful for? Tell you what…

I’m Thankful for all of YOU who have followed me, supported me, watched me invested in me and simply gave me the pleasure of your time and conversation.

I love and appreciate all of you who took my advice and guidance over the years and as a result improved your health, life and your body and now live the life you’ve always wanted. Even for those of you who have not yet taken my advice…I’m still pulling for you! Keep the faith and remember – “Age is Not a Factor or an Excuse…You can do it too!

Just wanted you to know you bring love and light into my “Wendy World” and for that I am grateful…

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Kick Butt on the Holliday Pounds

Kick Butt on the Holliday Pounds


I wanted to share some of the tips I use to keep fit this time of year. But, first let me say this…

I am so excited for the holiday season that I get all gitty like when I was a little girl. I guess that’s because I still am a little girl at heart. 🙂

But let me tell you what else floats my boat and drives me over the top with all the holiday cheer. It is the fact that I absolutely LOVE getting together with family and friends. I love sitting around the thanksgiving table feeling the common bond and seeing the smiling faces. I love eating the home cooked meals and sharing great stories of the good old times.

I cherish these times like gold – knowing also that I am in the moment creating new memories to look back upon and laugh about in the future.

It brings me special joy that literally drives me to help others create similar joys in their own lives by way of rebuilding their health & body. For this I am grateful!


I want to give “THANKS” to BFW (Beauty, Fitness and Wellness) Magazine for making me the COVER GIRL in your latest October issue!

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Fabulous Fit Fax! by Wendy Ida

My favorite tips

As promised here are some of my favorite tips to help avoid the Holiday pounds

First off we have to get in a good workout, the day of, in fact the week of Thanksgiving! Then…

  1. Be strategic in your food choices.
    • Eat more veggies than meat and potatoes
    • Eat less gravies and sauces
    • Limit alcohol to one glass, then replace the alcohol with green tea.
  2. Use smaller plates (or an over-sized saucer) and don’t pile the food on. Sample only your favorite foods and pace yourself — eating slower will help you eat less.
  3. Do not store the goodies! Give it to the homeless! Anything like pies, cakes, cookies or ice cream left over after the party, you must get rid of while you are still full from dinner and in your right mind. 🙂

That’s the fax! Try ’em and overall, you will eat less, feel better and consume fewer calories.

Now get out there and kick butt…YOU CAN DO IT!


commentWhat are YOU thankful for this year?
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